The “Semey State Medical University” - Republic of Kazakhstan, hereby submits the notice for the information/ clarification regarding the admission of foreign/ International Students and their studies in our university.


  1. That the university is a government of Kazakhstan Educational Establishment, included in the World Book of International Schools and recognized by WHO, Directory of Avicenna and the Medical Councils of various countries including MCI, PMDC, etc., with memberships of various associations, including the Associate Membership of the “Association of Indian Universities”.

  2. That the foreign students from different countries around the world including those from South Asian Countries mainly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. have been admitted and studied in our university since two decades.

  3. That since the revised medical Education & trainings in the Republic of Kazakhstan, by the order of the Ministry of Health, the foreign students are offered the studies in General Medicine department, fully in English Medium, for pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine – 5 years course, recognized by the respective councils like MCI in India & PMDC in Pakistan, etc and equalized to MBBS in their countries. Most of our pass out foreign graduates under this program like those under  previous programs  have successfully cleared the screening tests in their countries and registered themselves as qualified doctors.

  4. The documents in support to above facts may be checked by clicking the below link.

1) aiu_letter_associate_membership (...download) 2) sample MCI eligibility on the name of SSMU (...download) 3) complete doc. set from MCI eligibilty to degree equivalence

  1. The University does not undertake any responsibility for

  1. any document if not issued on the registered letter head of the university, duly signed and stamped by our official and verified through proper channel,  or

  2. for any conservation for admissions and verifications on the name of the university on any other e-mails or from any private e-mails /Phone numbers,  than as indicated below;


The authenticity of the documents issued by the University is requested to get verified by contacting the university on the e.mail : verification@ssmu.kz