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Registrar Office

Registrar  Office  is academic service engaging in registration of all history of educational achievements of student and providing all types of control оf knowledge, and calculation of the academic rating.  Office Registrar is  created in September, 2007. 

Main tasks of Office Registrar

To implement organization of operational control registration process and academic records of educational progress for whole educational period;
To promote students in achieving their main goal – obtaining academic degree, according to specialty trajectory;
To form transcript;
To coordinate adviser work;
To constitute elective catalogue by specialties;
Students interior academic of mobility;
To organize and control summer (paid) semester to liquidation academic arrears and differences in educational process.


Personal composition of Office Registrar

Unit staff are:

Mustafinova Orazgaysha Akhmetkalyevna – chief of office registrar. She graduate from Foreign languages Institute in Alma-Ata. She worked as French and Latin teacher after graduating institute to 2007.

Akshalova Zhanar Sovetovna – inspector of Office Registrar. She graduate University named M.Auezov, history faculty.

Contact information: 134 cabinet, tel.number: +7(7222)52-20-94 (in.1020), email: Officeregistrar@ssmu.kz