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Trade committee of employees and students of Semey State Medical university

Brief history. In 1953 the local committee of employees was established. In 1983 the local committee was transformed in trade committee. In 2003 the local committee of employees and local committee of students of university have been combined and successfully functioning at the present day.     

The first chairman of trade committee was V.G. Matyash. In the following years trade committee was headed by Z.A. Potemkina, M.P. Isakhanov, I.Z. Hairaliev, S.S. Sharipov, M.M. Urazalin, O. Adilkhanov, N.N. Nauryzov, S.K. Seilkhanov.

By the trade conference dated 02.03.2015, as the chairman of trade committee of employees has been elected the chief of studying-clinical center, lieutenant colonel of medical service Nurbek Sadenovich Smailov

On the trade committee are: Barsukov A.S. – head of LPVWD, Doroshenko L.V. - head of QMS department, Efendiev E.M. – holder of chair of childhood catching diseases and phthisiology, Myrzabosynov E.K. – holder of chair of  physical education, Kaldybayeva G.Z. – vice-dean of general medicine faculty, Rakhimova B.B.- accountant, Zhaukenova S.A. – Translator.

Objects and activity of trade committee. Trade committee of Semey State medical university is voluntary, self-regulating and public organization combining university’s employees without distinction of nationality, language, political and religious commitments.  Trade committee conducts its activity according to Constitution of Republic of Kazakhstan, active legislation and collective agreement of university. Activity of employees of trade committee is based on the principles of voluntariness, equality, legality and activity of all its members. Taking into account features of field and legal status of trade committee’s members, the object of trade committee is formation and professional making personality of educational activity on the basis of national and panhuman values, achievement of science and technology, education for civic consciousness and patriotism.       

One of priority orientation in activity of trade committee is participation in creating favourable and safety working conditions: 

1)participation in employment dispute resolution; 2) safety work maintenance; conclusion of a collective agreement for protection of employment and socio-economic rights; 3)assessment of productive activity references; 4)social support; cultural-mass, sport and recreation work.

A collective agreement dated 25.06.2012 is running at the moment. In 2015 new collective agreement will be drafted. 

There are formulated:  

  1. Enactment of assignment of welfare assistance for employees of Semey State Medical Univerisity (administration assistance);
  2. Enactment of welfare assistance procedure for employees of trade committee and off-the-job pensioners related to trade committee of SMU of Semey.  Trade committee take part in honoring of veterans of war and work, heroes of an anniversary and in organization of holiday events.  

The field of student trade committee’s activity includes solution of resettlement problems of students in hostels, arrangement and conduction of rest-evenings for students, new years’ and other events.   

Directions of activity of students’ and employees’ trade committee of Semey State Medical University for 2015. Trade committee of employees take steps directed to social protection of university’s employees within the frameworks of government program of anti-recessionary measures

1. Classification of workers who is need of social protection for production of social protection system.  
2. Formation of health sections for employees of university by means of physical education department.    
3. Appropriation of funds to employees of university for sanatorium-resort therapy and assignment of privileged permits to sanatorium.
4. Delivery of welfare assistance to large and incomplete families, unwed mothers, invalids, university’s employees who have underwent complex surgical operations and suffer from different chronic diseases.   
5. By the trade committee cultural-mass, sport and recreation work will be conducted. Trade committee will provide all employees (members of trade committee) with tickets to local theaters, museums etc.  
6. Opening column in newspaper “Medicine for everyone”; information updating on the site.
7. Employees will take part in different types of sport among the health workers in City Olympics dedicated to 70th anniversary of GWW Victory. This event will be conducted from February to June 2015. The competition will be conducted in following sport disciplines:   swimming, chess, table tennis, volleyball, shooting, futsal.


Contact information: cabinet of trade committee 329. in the main building,

Phone number: 87773539393, (in. number1070,1139)