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Press Service of Semey Medical University

We will help you navigate events happening at university, and get the most up-to-date information "at first hand".
If you are a journalist and want to receive answers to your questions about the activities of Semey Medical University, to meet and talk with the management of the university or organize surveys on the territory of university, then send your questions and wishes to: press-smu@med.mail.kz

If you are a university employee and want to tell us about an interesting event, write to us, please, for posting information on the sample:
· Title (title and format of the event);
· Announcement (when, where and when will the event take place);
· Text of the news (participants of the event, significance of the event for SMU);
· Icon for news (picture, photo, document - application);
· Desired date of publication;
· Contacts of organizers (full name, position, phone, e-mail).

Send your information to: press-smu@med.mail.kz
Call: 8 777 672 3003, 8 775 855 3632
Press Service is located in the main building of SMU at the address: str. Abay 103, press club