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Press Service

Press Service is a subdivision of Semey Medical University.

The objectives of the press service are:

  • Implementation of external and internal information policy of the University;
  • Formation of public image of the university through the media.
  • Coordination the Media Relations of University.
  • The organization of advertising and information work of the university
  • Studying innovative experience of press services for the improvement of this work at the university.

The main functions of the press service:

  • Systematic monitoring of Kazakhstan and foreign media with the aim of collecting and collating published and aired by the information on the activities of the University, ranking of the University in the media.
  • Preparation for this purpose information and image material for print media, TV and radio sites, of scientific research and educational activities, important events and achievements of the university.
  • Preparation of special information materials on behalf of the Rector for the national and regional government departments.
  • Participation in the conclusion of contracts with media on advertising and information services, training together with structural divisions of the University of promotional materials for the media, control over their placement;
  • Participation in student and public events, forums of the University with the aim of highlighting the results of their work.


Press Service Ainur Zhabayeva

8 777 672 3003, 8 775 855 3632

email: press-smu@med.mail.kz