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Pavlodar branch of Semey State Medical University

One of the major divisions of the Semey State Medical University is Pavlodar branch where postgraduate medical training is conducted.

Departments of Surgery and Therapy on internship and residency, Department of Surgery and Physicians Improvement Faculty (PIF) with courses of radiation diagnosis, anesthesiology and resuscitation science, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology with course of pediatrics.

Imangazinov Sagit Baymuhanovich was born on February 18, 1953. In Bayan-Aul region. Since December 2007, He is a director of the Pavlodar branch of the  Semey State Medical University.

He has a Ph.D. in medical sciences and academic rank of professor of medicine.  Author of 300 scientific works, 11 monographs, 8 inventions. Under his leadership 1 of doctoral work and 4 of PhD theses. Member of the Union of Journalists. He is physician organizer and surgeon of the highest categories

Department of Surgery (PIF) is leader of Pavlodar branch. Department is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor E.K. Kairhanov. The main clinical base of the department is a diversified municipal hospital № 1 in Pavlodar with department of general surgery, vascular surgery, urology, traumatology, neurosurgery and department of thermal injuries. Course of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation (is headed by Associate Professor D.U. Mamyrov) is recognized on physicians training, not only general anesthesiology and resuscitation, but also on provision of anesthesia and intensive care for pregnant women and children.

Department of Therapy PIF (is headed by Professor M.M. Makatov) deployed on the bases of departments of Pavlodar municipal hospital number 2 and number 3. The department provides training for students in all areas of therapy. Recently, due to opening of the Republican Center of Cardiac Surgery in Pavlodar, prospective is training on emergency cardiac care to patients with the possibility of using modern innovative technology under the Center of Cardiac Surgery. Professor A.B. Baygaliev over 20 years contributes to the training of specialists in hirudotherapy and acupuncture, rehabilitation, and Professor E.A. Beysembaev is one of the organizers of clinical immunology and creators of private immunological center.

Departments of Therapy (is headed by Associate Professor B.E. Kenenbaeva) and Surgery (is headed by Associate Professor O.G. Tashtemirova) for internship, residency and MA course are located in therapeutic departments of the region’s leading medical institution – G.Sultanov Regional Clinical Hospital and Pavlodar regional hospital. Therefore, interns and residents training program as much as possible adapted to the peculiarities of the rural health care system, as graduates work after graduation, mainly in rural health care, carrying out the decisions of the "With diploma to the village" program.

Important task is set and before the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology with course of Pediatrics. Head of the Department is Candidate of Medical Science Zh. Akylzhanova. The Department is the curator of the Regional Maternity Hospital and Regional Perinatal Center of Pavlodar. Especially advantageous is the functioning of children diseases course in Regional Clinical Hospital, which for many years recognized as the winner of the regional and national competitions among hospitals on rendering medical care for children.

Undergraduates and residents are involving in research. For example, internship doctor Mamyrov Ernar voted “The youngest inventor of the Republic” in 2012 and was awarded a special prize during the V Economic Forum in Astana in June 2012.

It should be noted that all medioprophilactic institutions of Pavlodar included in the list of clinical bases of the branch. This ensures that the participation of students, internship doctors, residents, undergraduates to diagnostic and treatment work at the patient bedside, to master new technologies of surgical interventions independent execution of anesthesia care.

For testing individual technical fragments in preclinical training branch is equipped with teaching and clinical training center, rigged with modern equipment. Clinical bases of the branch are also large private medical structures, such as JSC “Muyaldy Resorts” for rehabilitation and restorative treatment course, JSC “Aksu Ferroalloy Plant”, JSC “Caustic” to prepare paramedics. All classrooms are fully equipped with office equipment, multimedia projectors. Branch units are combined in a common computer internet system operates its own website www.pfsgma.kz, e-mail: mail@pfsgma.kz.

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