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Associated education and scientific laboratory

Scientific experimental laboratory is a part of science department of SMU of Semey city. It was established as inter-departmental experimental laboratory of Semipalatinsk medical institute in 1976. The first head was Shatsky E.N.

In 1990 by the order of Kazakh SSR Ministry of Health, the laboratory transformed at central scientific research laboratory (CSRL) where held researches in order to develop scientifically grounded recommendations on human organism defense against environmental harmful factors effect.

In different years, in charge of CRSL were: d.m.s. S.B.Sadykov, (1990-1994), d.m.s., professor V.I.Kravcov (18.02.1994 – 01.11.1994). Since 1994 the head of CRSL was G.A. Nedostaeva.

In 1996 by the order of Ministry of Health, CSRL was liquidated and on its base has been founded inter-departmental experimental laboratory which was renamed in scientific experimental laboratory on March 2007. The head of laboratory was c.m.s., docent G.A. Nedostaeva (laboratory chief 1994-2008).

On 27 November 2008, scientific experimental laboratory has been renamed in associated education and scientific laboratory. Associated education and scientific laboratory is structural subdivision of SMU of Semey coordinating students learning activity by practical skills under the requisition of SOSE of RK and securing planned personnel training for medical university.

Associated education and scientific laboratory performs work under the direction of rector of university, vice-rector for academic and educational work, vice-rector on scientific and clinical work.

Associated educational and scientific laboratory of SSMU is meant for:

Review of students with capacities of modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
Demonstration, co-education with departments in practical skills and quiz of students, interns according to SOSE and typical program of disciplines.
Securing planned personnel training for medical university among teaching staff, magistrands, doctoral candidates, residents: execution of state scientific orders, scientific grants.

Basic tasks of associated education scientific laboratory are:

1) Planning, organization of academic activity on review, drill and check of practical skills on modern equipment for laboratory and functional diagnostic in collaboration with chairs.

2) Planning, organization of research scientific works required by university thematic plan in accordance with scientific research request in AESL.

3) Organization and introduction of instructional developments, innovative technologies oriented to perfection of educational, scientific and methodical work.

4) Participation in modernization of academic activity in accordance with modern requirements of realization of development strategy of university educational activity.

Associated educational scientific laboratory chief – Aukenov N.E. In 1999 he finished medical faculty of Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute. He worked as an assistant of inflectional diseases chair. Since 2011, appointed to the post chief of associated educational and scientific laboratory.

Employees of chairs and doctors of Medical center coordinates work of departments and assists in education of students: Kaidarova S.B., internal diseases chair assistant, Temirtasova Z.O., internal diseases chair assistant, Satpaeva R.Z., superior laboratory assistant of normal physiology course, Beysengazina M.B., teacher of food and hygienic disciplines chair, Ahambekova G.T., doctor-laboratory assistant of bacteriological laboratory of SSMU Medical Center, Shaimardanova M.K., teacher of biochemical and chemical disciplines chair,   Abaykhanova F.I., doctor of functional diagnostic department of Medical Center. 

There are six departments in laboratory which equipment situated in different bases.

1. Biochemical department
2. Morphological department
3. Hygiene department
4. Physiological department
5. Microbiological department
6. Immunological department

All departments are service with newest equipment meant for carrying out laboratory diagnostic researches which investigates in modern clinics.

Microbiological department is service with equipment for definition of microorganisms. There is modern equipment at biochemical department which carries out cynic and biochemical analyses. On the equipment of physiological department functional diagnostic of internal organs diseases carries out.  Equipment of hygienic department is meant for conduction of complex sanitary exploration of rooms and work posts. It is possible to produce histologic and frozen tissue sections in morphologic laboratory, investigate it by dint of apparatus for microscopy with digital pictures saving opportunity.

Principal functions of AESL are:

1) Education of students in collaboration with chairs in principal functions and abilities of modern medicine (laboratory and functional diagnostic).

2) Requests execution of magistrands, doctoral candidates, residents for conduction of researches (experimental and clinical, biochemical, immunological analyses, hygienic, production of morphological drugs, functional diagnostic of diseases).