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Division of methodical work and practice


Provide university chairs with the state standards of higher professional, postgraduate and further education and model curriculum on subjects.
Monitoring the elaboration control of EMCD by chairs.
Monitoring the publication of educational and methodological literature at the university.
Organization and planning of professional practice.


Methodologist of  methodical work and practice - Kamalievа Anar Zakenovna.

Education: higher education, teacher education. In 1992 she graduated from Semipalatinsk Pedagogical Institute named after N.k. Krupskaya. In State Medical University works from 1996 year, in the methodological work and practice works as a Methodist from 2006 year.


Кeldibaeva Lyazat Temirjanovna - specialist on practice. Finished Semipalatinsk Medical Institute on speciality ‘’Pediatrics’’.Experience of work 30 years.Doctor of 1 category.As specialist on practice works from 2005 year.

Contact: main building, tel. +7 (7222) 522251 cab. 139 email l.keldybaeva@ssmu.kz