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Museum of “Hero of Soviet Union Manshuk Mametova” and “History of university”

There are museum of “Hero of Soviet Union – Manshuk Mametova” and “University history” in the main building of Semey State Medical University. “M. Mametova” museum exhibit consist of five sections: “Manshuk’s childish years”, “Manshuk’s youth”, Manshuk’s feat of arms”, “fellow soldiers”, “In memory and hearts”.    

In 1982 the first section of museum of M.Mametova has been opened and in October 2012, celebrated 30th anniversary in 30 days after its foundation.   Initiators of Manshuk Mametova museum creating were docent of CPSU history chair, A.L. Ptuschenko and her students of medical institute.  

Museum is unique because it was one of the first museums in Republic of Kazakhstan opened in higher education institution. At the present time, employees of museum, militants, conducts the next work: collect, register, store and study items of material and spiritual life of M.Mametova, her fellow soldiers of 100 rifle brigade formed in August 1942, in Alma-Ata. 

In February 1986, there was opened museum of “University history” on a voluntary basis. Founder of the museum is docent, holder of general surgery chair of medical institute, S.S. Sharipov. 

In museum  reflect all history and activity of medical university from its foundation to the present days. In 1952 by the decree of Ministry Council and by the decision of Ministry of Health of USSR about organization of medical institute in North-East Kazakhstan, in Semipalatinsk was opened medical institute. 

In museum of “University history” reflect opening faculties and departments: general medicine – 1953, pediatric faculty – 1963, faculty of further training in Pavlodar city – 1983. In 1989 opened Kazakh section, stomatologic faculty – 1991, foreign section of students – 1995, medical-prophylactic and pharmaceutical faculties – 2003, organization and formation of chairs, perfection of academic activity, scientific work.   Represent activity of chairs and courses, faculties, housekeeping unit, library, student life, amateur talent groups, SBD, athletic feats, government decorations of university. Also, there is gallery of portraits of rectors, graduates – rare scholars, professors, doctors of science of SMU.    Big case is related to work of scientists – medics against bombing on Semipalatinsk range.  

There are certificates, certificates of authorship on inventions, exhibits of inventions on other cases.   Rich attire of the museum is memorable Red Banner of Central Committee of Communist Party of Kazakhstan and Council of Ministers invested to student building detachment of institute. From October 2009, the museum is independent structural subdivision of the university. In its work, the museum of “M.Mametovoy” and “University history” conforms by law of RK “About security and use of cultural history monuments”, by enactment “About museum of SMU” and enactment “About museum council of SMU”.

Museum based on SMU of Semey is cultural institution purposefully collecting, keeping, exhibiting scientific values.  Museum work conducts in three directions: search – regional, education of patriotism among students and scientific – search.

Principal activity of museum is connected with education of patriotism, study of motherland history, humanism elaboration by students. To this end conducts excursions for large youth auditory of students not only of our medical university but and students of other universities, colleges and schools.   

Veterans of Patriotic War and work, veterans of Afghan events, delegates of non-governmental organizations of East region and foreigners are frequent guests of the museum.

During an academic year conducts with the students of university: “Lessons of courage”, “Memory lessons”, conferences, thematic evenings, meets with senior citizens, publishes articles in local, regional, republican newspapers and magazines, performance on TV. Over a period of years, worked and contributed to the work of museum the next employeers: L.Kanyrova, M. Raisova, N.M. Yakovleva, G.B. Esensarina, O.A. Kashkarova. 

For the first time, under the museum of medical university created Student club which is important mean in arsenal of ideological activity, efficient center of scientific view of the world forming, humanism, Kazakhstan patriotism, spiritual morality to the culture among youth. In its daily and public work the club conforms the enactment “About student club”. Under the club, today is functioning: Timur team, creative team, childish smile. All works of these groups are covered through the site of university, local and regional newspapers. Head of student club is the 3 – course student of PH faculty, Muhanova Aigerim.  

Following the results of review competition among museums of the city over the period of years, our university take first places.

At the present time, director of the museum is Kuttybaeva Sandugash T. In her employment sheet is teacher activity, management of medical university.


Contact: cab. №111, № 128, tel: 8(7222)52-22-51 (1043), fax: 8(7222)56-97-55

email: museum@ssmu.kz