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Library is the component of the University which functions and develops in accordance with objectives and rationales of the university. The head of the library is Kadirsizova Gulzhan S. The staff of the library consists of 12 employees.

Structure of the library:

- service department (archives, delivery desk, reference room)
- department of order and literature adaptation  
- department of searching and information work
- computer class
- group discussions cabinets

The fund of the library is the wealth collection of scientific, educational, imaginative and foreign literature. The fund of the library is contain about 600 000 exemplars of documents.

There are educational and methodical editions in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages, monographs, autoabstracts, dissertations, scientific works, video materials, document on electronic media, periodical editions in the fund of the library. Annually buys more than 30 000 editions. The pride of the library is unique collection of rare medicine books of XVIII – XX centuries.

In 2009 was bought Automated library program “IRBIS-64”. Irbis – integrated automated bibliothecal- information system which is assembly of interrelated automated work places (APM).

Since November 2009, the library has been introduce information for installation and use of Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID). RFID is control system of documents moving in the library.

Annually the library of SSMU takes part in international theoretical and practical conference “Ecology. Radiation. Health”.

There are in electronic class of the library:

- computers with internet access, wi-fi zone;

- electronic editions;

- video films on clinical disciplines.

Since 2014 by the library has been introduced electronic service.

Library information resources:

DB «Cochrane library» WWW.cochrane.org.
DB Paragraph «Medicine» www.prg.kz
DB «SpringerLink» www.SpringerLink.com
DB Web of Knowledge www.Thomsonreuters.com
Republican Universities electronic library (RUEL) http://lib.kazrena.kz


- Electronic catalogue

- Electronic order of literature

- Electronic documents delivery

Contacts:  bus. num. 8(7222) 56-28-84 (in. 1044, 1045)

E-mail med.lib.53@ssmu.kz