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Foreign student's department

In 1995 University established an additional administration for the foreign students, controlled by two pro-rectors and headed by the dean of the foreign students. For the first time, 43 foreign students from the countries like India, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria and Jordan were admitted in the University during that academic year for their studies in various medical specialties in Russian medium

In 1998 University signed the agreement for the admission of the eligible foreign candidates for the studies in various medical courses in English medium with “TECAS International”. The English medium section of the University was opened during the same academic year. With the signing of the agreement and the joint efforts of the authorities of the “University” and “TECAS International” - Govt. (State) State Medical University-Semey became the first government medical institution in the central Asian republics, where the studies are being carried out successfully in English medium besides the traditional Russian and local languages. This is one of the prominent reasons that most of the foreign students are keen to get admitted in the University

University has established the methodical study complexes in English language in the concerned departments and a sufficient quantity of literature in English language was purchased, which gets replenished every year. Every possibility is made for the foreign students, for their studies in English medium, their stay, medical aid, recreations and travel to and within the country. A separate hostel in the center of the campus with a canteen, primary medical care center and currency exchange facilities is being provided to the foreign students for their stay.

Preparatory section for the foreign students is functioning under the foreign student’s Department, where the students besides Russian language learn the concerned subjects for their preparation to the entrance examinations.

Presently more than 350 foreign students from different countries like China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and other countries study in various faculties of the University. University has a good set-up for the foreign students and works in close contact with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of foreign affairs, Home Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the embassies and the consular offices of the Republic in the respective countries. Presently Semey State State Medical University- is known as one of the leading institutions of the country for the number of foreign students in it.

According to the revised medical Education & trainings in the Republic of Kazakhstan, by the order of the Ministry of Health, the foreign students are offered the studies in General Medicine department, fully in English Medium, for pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine – 5 years course, recognized by the respective councils like MCI in India & PMDC in Pakistan, etc and equalized to MBBS in their countries. Most of our pass out foreign graduates under this program like the previous one have successfully cleared the screening tests in their countries and registered themselves as qualified doctors.

International Candidates for admission and other related enquiry, may Contact on <admissions@ssmu.kz>