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Dean-office of undergraduate education

“XXI century must become a time of youth who are entering into an active life and are able to take responsibility for the fate of the world, the country and their family."


By order of the rector №194-a from 29.08.2016 there was set up the joint dean-office as the result of combining dean’s offices of “General Medicine”, credit technology of education, stomatology and foreign department in a single structural unit – DEAN’S OFFICE OF UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION.


The specialties of Bachelor:
5В130100 – General Medicine, 5+2
5B110100 - Nursing, 4 years
5В110200 - Public health, 4 years
5В110300 - Pharmacy, 5 years
5B130200 – Stomatology, 5+1

Now Dean-Office includes:

o    Dean - Associate professor Orazalina Ainash Saparovna;

o    Vice-dean of CTE and Stomatology faculties - Associate professor Dusembayeva Asel Serikbekovna;

o    Vice-dean of “General medicine” of the 1st course – Rymbaeva Togzhan Asylbelovna;

o    Vice-dean of “General medicine” of the 2nd course – Zhakupbekova Elmira Aitkalievna;

o    Vice-dean of “General medicine” of the 3rd course – Zhylkybayeva Aizhan Sharipovna;

o    Vice-dean of “General medicine” of the 4th course – Musina Aigerim Erkebulanovna;

o    Vice-dean of “General medicine” of the 5th course – Pak Laura Alekseevna;

o    Vice dean of foreign department –  Kovaleva Larisa Valentinovna;

o    Specialist on methodical work of CTE and stomatology – Khassenova Kunduz Zhylkaydarovna;

o    Specialist on methodical work of “General medicine” of the 1st course – Buzheeva Aktoty Sultanaevna;

o    Specialist on methodical work of “General medicine” of the 2nd and 5th courses – Abilkasimova Arailym Murathanovna;

o    Specialist on methodical work of “General medicine” of the 3rd and 4th courses – Kulmaganbetova Gulnara Dugalievna;

o    Specialist on methodical work of foreign department -  Uristemova Assem Kanatovna;

o    Secretary of the dean’s office  - Sarzhanova Kulbagy Tusupbekovna;

o    Specialist on passport and visa work – Amanbayeva Karlygash Botayevna.

Dean-Office involves such specialties as “General Medicine”, “Stomatology”, “Public health”, “Nursing”, “Pharmacy” and foreign department.


Dean-Office of undergraduate education controls the faculties work, coordinates and administrates the educational process.

Dean-Office performs the following activities:

• organization of admission of students in SSMU, deduction and recovery of Kazakhstan and foreign nationals;

• forming of groups of students, appointment of supervisors and monitors;

• transmission of the successful students from course to course, organization of summer semester for students who have academic debts;

• organization and carrying out social services to students;

• adjusting and coordination of training schedule;

• control over teaching methods, educational, scientific and clinical work of departments and divisions of SSMU;

• control of the work of departments to prepare students with specific to their future careers by introducing innovative technologies to the educational process;

• monitoring and analyze of performance and attendance of training sessions;

• arrangement for sessional examinations, the final state exam;

• participation in the organization of medical examinations and monitoring the health of students (medical examination);

• monitoring the living conditions in hostels and apartments;

• meeting with the laws of the RK, the rules of residence and movement of the RK and the internal regulations of SSMU and hostels;

• drawing up the issue and legalization of diplomas and other documents about education graduates of SSMU;

• maintaining of relationships with foreign graduates who went abroad;

• coordination of the work of public schools and service clubs for students;

• organization of educational activities with students, which is conducted in accordance with the Plan of educational work and priorities of the SSMU to educate harmoniously developed personality. For coordination of the educational work council of curators is made. The Council consists of senior curator of courses and faculties, which are chosen at a general meeting of curators. Chairman of the Council of curators is Orazgalieva Bagdat Oryntaevna, teacher of the Chair of Russian and foreign languages.

Dean’s office of undergraduate education is educational-scientific and administrative department of University. Study process, social work is available for the students of all faculties.


All students and teacher staff of faculties are active participants of the work of Dean’s office.  Students of different faculties are members of one large family. From 2008 Self-Management Counsel of faculties was injected in study process.


There function youth organizations, schools and clubs on the faculties:

 - Public health School
 - Healthy Smile School
 - School of Management
- School of Nursing
- “Kyz Zhibek” school
 - Club of museum students
 - Patriotic-military Club
 - Press club
 - Committee of religion questions
 - Student’s union committee
  - Student’s Dean-office
 - Student’s Self-management of faculties
- “Zhas Otan”
- Initiative group “Vector”
- “Zhyrdaua”
- Drama theatre “Senim”
- Debate club “Salauat”
- “Sheberlik” crafts club
- Assembly of Nations of Kazakhstan      
- Club “Demeu”
- Club “Abaitanu”
- “Level up” English club
- Organisation “Samryk”

Faculties have good traditions to celebrate - «Knowledge Day», «Welcome party», Kurban Ait, such competitions as «Best room in Hostel», «Kyz Syny», “Zhigit sultany”, «Mister University», «The Gentleman of the XXI century», Day against of suicides, Day of straggle with AID , Day of Union of Kazakhstan people, Nauryz, Sport Games between students and teachers, Cleaning Days, Students scientific conferences, Talent’s Day, «Donor’s Day», seminars, trainings, traditional meetings with Rector, Vice-rectors, Dean.

Students of different faculties live as members of one large family.

Dean-Office unifies and coordinates the students of all faculties, because UNITY is power, force and development.



Dean’s office of undergraduate education


 Dean’s office – 226 room.

«General medicine» - 246 room.

«CTE and stomatology» - 225 room.

Foreign departmant – 247 room.

Tel: 8/7222/ 56-28-84 (internal 1030, 1036, 1049, 1051)

Fax: 8/7222/ 56-97-55

Е-mail: deсanat_ddo@mail.ru