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Information technologies center

Foundation of educational system of any university is high quality and high-technology awareness sphere, representing assemblage of awareness resources, allocated in local area networks of university and having access to Wide-Area Networks. Its creating and development represent technically hard and expensive task. But it is the one allows to educational system to modernize its technological basis, pass to educational information technology in the broad sense of the word and implement arrear to opened educational system agreeable to the standards of postindustrial society.   

Information technologies are appeal to be not additional “makeweight” in study but an integral part of educational process presented by State educational Standard.

In October, 1988 there was opened laboratory of computation in academy. It was placed in the small room, supplied with small amount of computers and staff consisted of 6 employees. Chief of laboratory was Erbolat Gazizovich Aymanov. 

In 1997, the laboratory was modified in information-computer and printing and publication center (ICC), which consisted of 3 departments (testing department, TSD and printing and publication). Computer stock of ICC consisted of class “Pentium” computers, were equipped computer classes, start to work small printing-office. Staff was increased to 10 employees. Head of the center was elected Zhenis Kakenovich Dihambekov who had work in this capacity to 2004. From 2004 to 2007 the head of the department was Andrey Evgenevich Gorbatenko.

In 2008 ICC was modified in Information Technologies Center (ITC) which is substantive structural subdivision of SSMU which comprised the department of software and hardware, testing center and printing and publication department. As the head of ITC was elected Nurzhan Keneskasyevich Hasenov.  

At this time, there was created local data-processing network (LAN) assembling computer power of main building on the basis of fiber optics.

In 2009 was conducted reorganization of LAN and created structured cabling system (SCS) joining computer power of main building, vivarium, chemical-morphological building and 3 hostels on the basis of fiber optics. Also, there was organized wireless network in main building, created e-mail server with domain name mail.sgmu.kz, which has been allowed to introduce electronic document interchange. Created pathway on the basis of fiber optics which allowed create LAN in Medical center of SSMU. Bought new digital ATS which has been allowed extend telephone network to 200 subscribers.  There has been set up audio and multimedia equipment in lecture hall #2.

At the present time, with LCD multimedia stations are provided 95% of all lecture classes of the university. All lecture halls are equipped with multimedia projectors. Two lecture halls are equipped with electronic voting system for getting the “momentary” backlink. Two convention halls are equipped with convention system. There has been set up system of simultaneous translation in the big convention hall. Bought the system of simultaneous translation for assembly hall. Simultaneous translation can be conducted in 3 languages simultaneously.       

Created simulation chambers for independent examination

Currently, access to global Internet in SSMU is organized by high-speed DSL-channel from “KazakhTelecom” corp. at a speed of 20 mb/s in unlimited traffic. There is additionally organized wi-fi internet for students and faculty in the main building. There is embedded automated management information system by the “Sirius” process.

For account of book fund uses technology of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).  Library automation conducts by “IRBIS – 64” software. Irbis – integrated automated bibliothecal- information system which is assembly of interrelated automated work places.

In order to achieve security and countercheck of terrorist attack began introduction of controlling system of access and video-surveillance, bought ID cards and equipment for ID cards printing.

Daily activity of information technologies center are acquittal of routine repairs of computer technologies, computer classrooms service, servers and business network of the university supporting, university web-site maintenance, software engineering for structures of the university.   

Printing and publication center of SSMU is equipped with newest printing equipment. Department is engaged with publication of: magazine “Science and Public health”; collectors of international, theoretical and practical conferences; collectors of conferences of young scientists and student conferences. Performs number of secondary educational material for students, publishes teacher editions for doctors and students, monographs).  

Behind the development of plans, realization of projects in the field of informatization of university, there are specific people from knowledge and abilities of which a lot of things depend. Behind the introduction of modern technologies, permanent support of educational and academic processes of university, there is work product of harmonious collective. 

Currently, the staff of ITC consist of 17 employees Hasenov N.K. – head of ITC; Shaulsky S.E. – head of software and hardware department; software – engineers: Tashetov M.M., Musin E.M., engineer Tlebaldin N.B.; electronic technicians: Farion D.A., Belokopytov I.Y., Aytiev N.T., corrector Sapargalieva E.F., operators: Milovanova V.N., Orazaeva Z.B., Seytkanova A.S., Ashimov A.S., specialist of multiplying bureau Hasenova G.N., master of training department Nesipaev A.O., operator of multimedia systems Zhanakasov G.T., radio technician A.A. Farion.