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Academic Council of Semey State Medical University

Academic Council of Semey State Medical University is the highest governing body of Semey State Medical University for a period of 3 - 5 years. Academic Council established at the head (rector) and under his chairmanship, is the main form of the collective management of the University.

In its activities, Academic Council is guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", Model Regulations on the activities of the Academic Council of the university, the University Charter, orders and decrees of the Rector and persons replacing him and this Regulation.

The activities of the Academic Council based on the principles of transparency and collective discussion of matters within its competence. implementation of the principle of the democratic nature of the management of the University. The main objectives of the Academic Council are:

- Bring together the team to solve actual problems of development of the university in light of the implementation of basic legislative acts MES and MOH;

- Ensuring a high quality of training in accordance with state educational standards;

- Statement of educational and methodical, scientific and other activities;

- Improving the treatment and prevention work in the clinics of the University;

- The introduction of new information and educational technologies;

- Exchange of best practices with leading medical universities of Kazakhstan (beyncharking);

- The introduction of models of excellence EFQM;

- Preparation for the transition to the level of "Recognized for Excellence" Model EFQM - 4 stars;

- Ensuring the competitiveness of the domestic and foreign markets of educational services.

- Approval of the procedure of formation of thematic plans of research work of reporting and receiving the results of scientific research;

- Approval of the scientific papers undergraduates, doctoral PhD;

- Presentation of educational and scientific training;

- Hearing reports on the activities of the university rector and vice-rectors of reports on trends and heads of departments of the university;

- Hearing reports of the heads of the university clinics;

- Consideration of issues that reflect the activities of the University of QMS, approval of internal documents;

- Consideration of logistics, facilities and equipment of the University in accordance with regulatory requirements;

- Identifying new areas of training specialists on multilevel system of higher education, and forms of education;

- Approves the curriculum at all levels and forms of education;

- Decides on the transfer of students to pay offices educational grant;

- Decides on the appointment of a scholarship established by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and scholarships;

-rassmotrenie socio-economic issues of students, faculty and staff of the University;

- Establish procedures for providing scholarships to students studying at the expense of the national budget;

- Consider the representation of university staff and creative teams to the state, the government awards and honors;

- Other matters within the competence of the Scientific Council in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and these Regulations.

- To consider the possibility of organizing a training on primary and secondary vocational education program, declared licensing;

- Consider presenting to the academic rank of professor, associate professor, honors and membership in the state academies;

- To recommend to the Educational and methodical association of universities teaching aids provided by the faculty of the University;

- To provide for the appointment of scholarships;

- Consider the amount of bonuses and allowances, bonuses and other payments to employees of the university;

-rassmatrivat procedure for terminating an employment contract with the teacher because of his lack of qualifications;

- Elect deans.

Decisions of the Academic Council in the protocol signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Academic Council. Meetings of the Academic Council are held once a month in accordance with the approved work plan. Responsibility for timely and quality preparation of materials for meetings of the Scientific Council and for record keeping of the Academic Council the responsibility of the Scientific Secretary.