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Foreign students. Library & publishing Activities

The library’s fund has over 330 000 copies of literature including abstracts of medical dissertations, journals, more than 200 titles of periodic editions nowadays. The library represents the largest storehouse of medical literature in North and East regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The great collection of scientific, information, educational and periodical literature makes the library very valuable source for the University’s teachers and


Students in their educational and scientific works. The library is elucidated with the Internet connections and CLIS (computer-aided library-informational system) has been introduced. University has its edit-publishing center and small scale printing plant, where composition of scientific works by the workers, monographs, materials from the student's conferences are printed. «Science & Health Services» & «Medicine for all» magazines are also published here.

To motivate the students, the additional living allowance is paid to those who study in English and to the students of non-Kazakh origin who study in Kazakh. The awards are distributed between the students who are recognized as «the best group» or «the best student», between the champions or the award-winners of the world, international and national sports competitions. The stipend of Nagasaki University is practiced and the students’ trips to the national or international scientific events are covered

The students’ self-governance committee, the council of parents and the alliance of Kazakhstan Students are being very active. Youth’s initiatives are presented in 2 debate clubs and «Innovation» initiative. Five culture units are established to promote the ethical and moral values. The schools of leadership, public health and nursing help to develop the leader’s qualities and the communication skills. The social support to the students is provided by the Men’ and the Ladies’ Councils, «Kindness charity» and psychology service.