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Studying-Clinical Center

For the purpose of improvement of quality of development by students and interns of practical skills on models and interactive computer dummies according to the Concept of reforming of medical and pharmaceutical formation РК till 2010 in 2007 at university the Studying-clinical centre is created.

The Studying-clinical centre is the structural division SGMU intended for maintenance of the safe, reliable educational environment for training to clinical (practical) skills, grantings trained to possibility to develop, support and improve clinical competence and to form ability to be trained throughout all life.

The center performs the work under the direct guidance of vice-rector for academic and educational work, c.m.s. Zhunussova A.B. Since 2014 academic year the head of Educational and clinical center is N.S. Smailov. 

Maintenance of the corresponding educational environment for training to clinical (practical) skills in the conditions of the Studying-clinical centre.The basic lines of activity the Studying-clinical centre:

The organization of teaching of clinical (practical) skills, with application of various methods of training, using in training and teaching of clinical (practical) skills dummies, models, the models, the automated virtual models, interactive computer robots-simulators, audio – video materials.
Participation in modernization of educational process according to modern requirements, realizations of strategy of development of educational activity of high school.
Participation in introduction new simulation technologies, modern tutorials in educational process
The organization and carrying out of the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).
The organization and control of methodical maintenance of carrying out ОSCE.
Participation in the organization and carrying out of monitoring of quality of training to clinical (practical) skills of students in the conditions of the Studying-clinical centre.
Databank creation under training programs and situational problems on clinical (practical) skills.
The organization and control of methodical maintenance of educational process in the Studying-clinical centre.
Assistance to improvement of quality of clinical preparation of experts, improvement of professional skill of the faculty in the field of teaching of clinical (practical) skills.
Development and introduction together with chairmen of KOP and the Educational and methodical center of a portfolio of practical skills for all specialties.
Development, rational placement and effective use of the Studying-clinical centre material base.
Technical ensuring introduction of new methods of an assessment of development of clinical skills.



The contact information of the Studying-clinical centre:

Semey city, street Abaja Kunanbaeva, 103, a building of the morphological case

The electronic address ukc@ssmu.kz

A contact office number 52-19-05 (1139)