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Department of Quality Management System

Department of Quality Management System is a structural unit of the university, was established to coordinate the development and implementation of the QMS and reports to Vice-principal for Quality and continuing education.

The aim of the department is to develop a quality management system, the implementation and development the university of effective quality management system in line with international and republican standards in quality, consumers' demand of educational services.

QMS department performs:

Coordination and methodological support for document management QMS at all stages of their life cycle;
Organization and control of the quality of records management in the structural units of the university;
Organization and participation in carrying out of internal audits of the QMS;
Providing reliable data on the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes of the university needed to self-assessment and management review;
Providing timely guidance execution of corrective and preventive actions required to address the (warning) inconsistencies in the organization of the processes of the university and the quality of educational services;
Carrying out training on the fundamentals of quality management system for employees of the University;
Participation in preparation for a complex assessment of the university’s activity (certification, compliance audit of QMS, licensing, post-licensing control on the part of MES RK, attestation of the university on the part of MH and MES RK, institutional, specialized accreditation, validation, assessment by the Model EFQM criterion, participation at the universities’ ratings);
Monitoring of requirements fulfillment of the Rules of typical processes management;
registration of confirming documents of competition’s applicants «10-100-1000 brainstorms» of SSMU;
consultation for structural subdivisions on the questions of quality.
Department’s activity regulates by the current regulation for QMS department of SMU of Semey city.


QMS department: cab. №136, office: 564209, in.:1019 E-mail: smk@ssmu.kz