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Educational activity

Educational-methodical Counsel (EMC) is the supreme authority of educational and methodical activity management of SSMU. Operating control of EMC is performed by the vice – rector for educational and methodical work being all at once the chairman of its council.

On the EMC are: manageress of departments, chairmen of educational program committees, deans of faculties, chiefs of structural subdivisions.

Committee of educational programs (CEP) is the collegiate authority of SSMU which  performs coordination of scientific and methodical work through the securing of adequacy approach in alumnus preparation within the constraints of educational programs for conforming specialty or direction of preparation. Control for the work of CEP is performs EMC.

CEP includes manageress of departments, professors, docents, leading teachers of departments, specialty advisors, leading specialists of practical public health, employers, agent of learner contingent.

The Committee of Educational programs for specialties:

1. General medicine – chairman Kerimkulova A.S. – Candidate of Medical Science, docent
2.  Nursing care – chairman Dzhumabaeva R.M. - Candidate of Medical Science, professor of university
3. Public Health – chairman Rakhimzhanova F.S. - Candidate of Medical Science, docent
4. Medical – preventive care – chairman Kembaeva K.U. - Candidate of Medical Science, head teacher
5. Stomatology – chairman Suleymenova D.M. - Candidate of Medical Science, docent
6. Pharmacy – chairman Olzhaeva R.R. – Candidate of Biology Science,  head teacher
7. Internship – chairman Espenbetova M.D. - Candidate of Medical Science, professor
8. Test committee – chairman Manabaeva G.K. - Candidate of Medical Science, assistant
9. Post-graduating and extended medical education – chairman Maukaeva S.B. – docent, Candidate of Medical Science
10. Terminological committee – chairman Kulusbaeva S.B. – head teacher