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Human Resources Department

Center of organizational and personnel work of Semey State Medical University is the most important structural subdivision which performs selecting and placing of employees of teaching staff, support and operating personnel by the way of holding of a competitive tender.

Since 2017 to the present day the Head of the center of organizational and personnel work – Siyazbekova Zuhra S. Chief inspector on the work with teaching staff - Kadirova Elmira A. The inspector on the work with employees – Dosova Meruert B. The inspectors are: Baisholpanova Zhannur K., Tursumhambetova Aidana M.


Employment duties

 - Technical hiring procedure of the teaching staff (after the corresponding documents execution by the head of organizational and personnel work center).
 - Journalizing of work record books movement.
 - Execution and keeping of T-2 form basic records and direct to military commissariat of obligors;
 - Execution of personnel order, insight with order against signature in the T-2 form.
 - Orders delivery on basic records of teaching staff.
 - Timely importation at basic records of admission records, dismissal, transfer and encouragement of employees according to instruction of procedure rules of basic records.
 - Performs the reproduction of basic records of dismissed employees to archive of university.
 - Keeping, list and issue of basic records.
 - Leave schedule making, leave book conducting ведение, preparation of orders on leave of university employees, list and delivering of leaves on classification cards of T-2 form..
 - Experience fixing of educational and clinical work of teaching staff, experience by profession to employees of housekeeping unit of support personnel.
 - Making the control lists of teaching staff of chairs.
 - Preparation of orders to holidays and on duty in public holidays. Alphabet leading of teaching staff, housekeeping unit and support personnel.


Contact: tel.: 8(7222)56-28-88 (1039, 1040)

e-mail: ok@ssmu.kz