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Stuff development unit

Center of  Medical Education (CME) converted from the Department of Innovative Technologies and Research in Education (Order №154, from 10.09.2012 ).

The main tasks of the CME are:

- continuous professional development of the university;
- formation of an effective personnel policy at the University (in the framework of personnel reserve "Hope") to provide quality educational services;
- development of pedagogical and clinical competencies of employees of the university;
- certification of employees in accordance with the legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the university;
- external and internal mobility of academic faculty;
- research in the field of medical education on the basis of international and national experience.

Centre of  Medical Education operates under the following processes of the University: innovation and methodological, training and retraining of faculty; personnel management; international cooperation and academic mobility.

Results of the center of medical education are reflected in more than 20 articles, speeches at various national conferences, to conduct refresher courses "Current issues in medical education", in the organization of workshops and seminars for faculty of Semey State Medical University.


Contact details of CME: cabinet # 140, tel.: +7 (7222) 56-28-88, int. 1029; e-mail: cme@ssmu.kz