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Rector of SSMU


Reception hours: weekly Tuesday and Thursday from 16.00 to 18.00


Vice-rector on academic and educational work


Contact: tel: 8 (7222) 564209 (1005); email: a.b.zhunussova@gmail.com

was born in 1969. Total length of service - 24 years. Term of medical activity service - 19 years. In 1992 she finished pediatric faculty of Semey State Medical University.  She has higher education majoring in “Financial management”

Since 1994 she was working in system of higher medical education since. She finished clinical residency by “Pediatrics” specialty. Since 1994 she worked as an assistant of chare of hospital pediatrics of Semey State Medical  Academy. In April, 1996 she did specialization as a geneticist at the workplace in medical genetics laboratory of Republic Center of mother and child welfare. She has certificate of pediatrician.   

In January, 2004 she defended a thesis in candidacy for a degree of Candidate of Medical Science on the theme: “Medico-genetic characteristic of child population of Semipalatinsk”.  From June to August,  2006, Zhunussova A.B. served apprenticeship of molecular and genetic methods (PCR, SSCP), in institute of radiology and biology of Hiroshima University. In 1998-2000 – accomplice of AC of RK grant on the theme “Rate studying of clinical and cytogenetic singularities of hemoblastosis by children for development of methods of early detection and improving of prognostication”.  From 2004 to 2006 - associate contractor of research and technology project of MH RK 009 “Ecology and state of children health who lives in the territory of Semipalatinsk range”. In 2007 did studying in KarSMA at the seminar “Innovative technologies in medical education”. In May of 2008 did studying at the international seminar on the questions of leadership based on KazSMA. In October, 2004 by Ministry of Science and Education of RK awarded with State scholarship for talented and young scientists of RK. In December of 2011 Zhunussova A.B. awarded by “Classman of public health”.

After the further training in the capacity of Methodist at Medical faculty of Tel-Aviv University (Israel) on the questions of medical education in November-December, 2005 and in May-June, 2006 actively address the issues of organization of pharmaceutical and medical education.

Aigul’ Bitimbaevna took part in project development of development concept of medical and pharmaceutical education being the panelist under realization of project of World Bank “Technology transfer and carrying out of institutional reform in the sector of Kazakhstan public health”.

At different years she worked on the commissions on State attestation KazSMA (June,2007), SKSMA (May, 2008), KazNMU after named S.D. Asphendiyarov (December, 2008), being committee-man of Ministry of public health on readiness to 1-st course student admission on SOSE 2006 on interns attestation  of KRMU and control of WKMU after named M.Ospanov. For the past years did studying  in Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad (Israel, Japan, Dench). She is the author of more than 95 publications. From September, 2006 to April, 2007 - chief clerk of innovation technologies and quality of instruction monitoring. From 2007 to 2012 – the chief of Educational-methodical Center.  From 10 of September – vice – rector by academic and educational work. 

Vice-rector on scientific and clinical work


Contact: tel. 8 (7222) 561604; fax 8 (7222) 56-97-55; e-mail: altay-doc77@mail.ru

was born in 1977 in Semipalatinsk. In 2000 he has graduated from Semey State Medical Academy (SGMA). From 2000 to 2001 he did an internship trained as “Surgery”. After an internship he has stayed as an assistant of medical course of disasters for teaching of subject in English. From 2003 to 2007 – department assistant of hospital surgery of SGMA. Since 2005 carries on practical activity in surgery division of vessels of medical center of academy. He was appointed as the assistant of rector of SSMU. Since 2009 – pro-rector on development and organizational work of Semey State Medical University.

Dyussupov A.A. combines theoretical knowledge with experience of practical work. He is responsible for operating highlights of structural subdivisions of university, strategic budgeting and development of university, development of information technologies, personnel administration, organization and carrying out of measures aligned with activity of university. In 2007 he has defended a doctoral dissertation on theme: “Prevention of infectious complications of wounds around the drill wires in the time offusion of bone of shaft fracture of shankbones.

He has 81 published scientific efforts. He is the author of 16 inventions and 10 rationalization proposals. Dyussupov A.A. is the holder of research grant of the Fund of RK First President and grant of Department of Education and Science of RK on abdominal aneurysm problems. From 27 of May to 2 of June of 2007 did a specialization on circle “Questions of present interest of cardiosurgery”, Salzburg, Austria; from 11 of September to 12 of November of 2007 “Clinical angiosurgery”, Almaty; from 16 to 29 of January of 2009 “Selected questions of cardiovascular surgery”, clinic of Nagasaki university, Japan; from 10 of May to 3 of April of 2009 “Selected sections of reconstructive vascular surgery”, Novosibirsk, Russia; from 13 of November to 2 of December of 2009 “Management of public health in Singapore”, Singapore; from 26 of September to 9 of October of 2010 “Management of scientific investigations of health”, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary - Canada

Vice–rector on quality and continuing education


Contact: tel. 87222-523965 (1022); e-mail: k.baildinova@gmail.com

Clara Dzh. has graduated cum laude the medical faculty of Semey State Medical University trained as “Medical care”. She has higher education majoring in “Financial management” and “Foreign language”. From 1991 to 1993 studied at clinical residency trained as “Internal diseases”. From 1993 worked as an assistant on propedeutics department of internal diseases. More than 10 years she was responsible for studying and documentation maintenance in English.

From 2007 to 2012 worked as chief clerk of innovation technologies and quality of training monitoring and Center of continuing professional development and researches in education. In September of 2012 established of pro – rector on quality and continuing education of SSMU. Theme of doctoral dissertationby profession 14.00.33 public health “Organizational approaches to perfection of personnel training in medical university”.

At different years, from 2005, she did studying on the organization questions of post-degree higher medical education in Israel, Great Britain, Dench, Malaysia.  She was co-developer of SASO 2006 implemented under realization of reforming concept of medical and pharmaceutical education and a member of EMS. She took part in elaboration of “Development concept of medical and pharmaceutical education on 2011-2015 yy.” She was the panelist of Ministry of Public Health of Kazakhstan under realization of project of World Bank “Technology transfer and carrying out of institutional reform in the sector of Kazakhstan public health”. She worked on the Republican commission of Ministry of Health on State attestation and accreditation of medical universities. She is the author of more than 70 publications. She was awarded by Certificate of Merit and by Note of thanks of Semey mayor. Classman of Public Health of RK (2011).

Pro – rector on quality and continuing education. 31.08.2012 – By Vice-Minister of Public Health of Kazakhstan is confirmed new organizational structure RSE on EJ Semey State Medical University in which added a new post - pro – rector on quality and continuing education. Baildinova Clara Dzh. - pro – rector on quality and continuing education from September of 2012.

Immediately under auspices of - pro – rector on quality and continuing education is carrying out: The work on refinement of study in internship, residency, magistracy (leads regular monitoring of education quality, strengthen the follow up of internal and external consumers); Organization of academic activity on the circles of doctors further training, added new cycles, modules on clinical directions. Introduction of innovative educational technologies in academic activity on the –pre and post-graduate state. Development of employees competences of university (100% of faculties took course of further training on educational direction on the cycle “Actual questions in medical education”. Holds different master – classes, seminars starring of leading foreign and republican professors);

Development of personnel reserve “Hope”- all employees have their individual development plan. Determined the competence level of faculties and employees of university by attestation. Monitoring of study on the courses of Kazakh and English. Monitoring of teachers for leading of lessons in English. Actualization of external and internal academic mobility of faculties, interns, magistrands and residents.