Ways of training and development of willpower

Ways of training and development of willpower

Often people are too optimistic about their abilities and abilities. Almost everything except one - self-control. We believe that we are capable of much and at the same time recognize that we do not know how to control ourselves.

Willpower is one of the most important skills. Anyone who can resist the daily temptations, whatever they are, will achieve incredible success. How to develop it? Here are 7 ways to develop and train willpower.

1. Develop the fundamental habits. Everyone wants to find a magic wand that will solve all the problems. In the field of will power, this does not exist, but there is something to begin with. These are fundamental habits.

The first is physical exercise. It would seem, what is special about running or lifting a bar? But everything develops not only discipline in the gym. It also makes you more aware in terms of nutrition. Helps to better manage your money. Makes it more productive at work. Lets be more patient with loved ones. Physical exercises lead to the development of other, often unrelated, habits. When you are constantly engaged, it affects the discipline in other areas of your life.

Do not want to practice or can not play sports? Develop another habit: eat right, eat vegetables and fruits. Keep a diary, comprehend and plan your life with it. In short, find any useful habit and systematically work on its development. It will also temper and will power.

2. Perform important tasks as early as possible. This is the basis of time management and the principle for any reasonable person.

Modern research shows that willpower is the ultimate resource. At the end of the day, you are more likely to "break" than in the morning. It's all bad habits. What is more important - accumulating fatigue, you reduce the will power globally. That's why a person needs a reboot in the form of rest, meditation, change of activities, etc.

All this leads to a very simple advice: first, do the most important things. As your day goes on, it will be much more difficult to deal effectively with business.

3. Improve your willpower without using willpower. As we already know, we have a limited supply, so rely entirely on it is not the best idea.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to train and improve it. In which case willpower is consumed very slowly? When we form habits. This is not an easy task, but with the help of some tricks you can achieve everything. Form your environment in such a way that you do not have to force yourself to do anything: do not buy cookies or at least remove it from the eyes so as not to eat much.

4. Use will power to improve willpower

Willpower is like a muscle: when it is exhausted, you get tired and give up. But with training this muscle becomes stronger. It is only necessary to know what actions make it possible to develop it. Start with self-control, and not immediately test your willpower to develop complex habits.

Surprisingly, one study has shown that changing your posture can improve your willpower. It was enough for the subjects to sit up straight and stop stooping, as they began to exercise more self-control and began to cope with tasks that had nothing to do with the position of the body.

5. Fundamentals: food and sleep

Although this item is in fifth place, it is the main one. Do you want to increase the supply of willpower? Eat well and sleep enough. Do not overeat, do not sacrifice sleep for other things. This will be a great start.

6. Procrastination can improve willpower

You do not have to say no to every temptation. You can just postpone them. And it is true, enough to postpone only business, start to postpone and pleasure. Studies show that the thought "Not now, then" is much more powerful than "No, you can not do it". Accordingly, giving up the fun, you will save a fair amount of willpower.

7. If you feel that nothing works, then this is normal

So, you are going to succumb to the temptation. It's not defeatism, it's reality. What matters is what you feel after that. Do you feel like chewing yourself because you gave you slack? This can not be done in any case.

Self-incrimination reduces self-control. Compassion for yourself and comparing yourself with the present with the past on the contrary increases. Not long ago you did not even try, but now you have some success. Well, is not it wonderful?

Self-criticism is associated with a decrease in motivation and self-control. It is also a harbinger of depression. As a result, the situation becomes worse than it was before.

Comfort yourself, tell yourself a few kind words. But that's not all: take another try at once. No "I was so tired and deserved rest." Compassion for oneself in this case is applicable only in order to pull itself together, and to continue development.

We wish you good luck!


Psychologist-sociologist: Assylbekova AM

Published on: 2018-05-16, 06:07 PM

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