On April 11, 2018, our groups of 147, 158 and 245 with the tutor Shakirova B.T. visited our university`s anatomical museum. We saw with our own eyes the terrible consequences of the influence of nuclear tests on the Semipalatinsk test site. And now we are very pleased that due to the efforts of the Kazakhstanian  people these nuclear tests have ceased. But the echo of these tests will for a long time be reminiscent of itself.

 Teacher of the anatomy chair Milyushin Ya.A. showed a 3D table in action. This caused a special interest among first-year students. They saw that anatomy can be taught easily and interestingly. The students discussed and exchanged their views and opinions on the fact that modern technologies make it easier for all areas of our life: everyday life, work, study, even a hobby. We are glad that we are studying at the university, which is equipped with high-tech devices.

Tutor of 147, 158, 245 groups,

teacher of  Kazakh and Latin chair

Shakirova B.T. 

Published on: 2018-04-11, 02:44 PM

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