Admission. For foreign students

Admission. For foreign students

Stateless persons, who are permanently resident in Kazakhstan Republic and persons of Kazakh nationality who are not citizens of Kazakhstan Republic qualifies for receiving in competition base according to state educational order of free higher education if the education of given level they gets for the first time.

Right for receiving of free higher education in competition base by foreigners according to state educational order is determines by international contracts of Kazakstan Republic.  

Admission of persons, who enter to SMU of Semey is carrying out in their petitions in competition base according to certificate grades given in results of united national test (UNT) or complex test.

Documents providing in foreign language must have notarial verify Kazakh or Russian translation.

List of documents for enrollment of foreign students

*Document confirming education (original)
*Certified translation of document confirming education
*Certified translation of a passport
*Conversation list
*Medical certificate(086У form) with fluorography
*Application for tuition
*6 three-by-four photos
Documents provided in foreign language must have certified Kazakh or Russian translation.
Documents confirming education issued by foreign educational organizations must pass nostrification in the procedure prescribed by law during the first semester of  tuition after the enrollment.  

Item 41.Government regulation dated January 19, 2012.

Enrollment in the number of students on a paid division is carrying out in case of deferrals of prepayments not less than 50% of apprenticeship.

Graduates, whose education is financing by third person (Board of Health, Employment Department and other organizations) are allowing to enrollment in the presence of guarantee letter with specification of credit period and prepayment no less than 10% of apprenticeship.

Published on: 2018-03-31, 11:16 AM

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