"We can. I can"

"We can. I can"

February 4 World Cancer Day. Since 2016, World Cancer Day is held under the slogan "We can. I can". On this day, it is proposed to take collective or individual measures to alleviate the burden of cancer.

February 8 at the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Tapbergenov S.O. mini actions devoted to this global world problem have passed. The head of the department is Smailova Zh.K., acting. assistant professor Olzhayeva R.R., students 207 of the English department of the stomatological faculty, 256 groups of the GM of the foreign department, discussed the importance of knowledge of causes, prevention, world statistics, the prevalence of cancer. The students got acquainted with the material of the presentation of the department dedicated to this world problem, watched a video about the achievements of Russian scientists on the non-surgical treatment of cancer in the early stages. All unanimously agreed to the call; "Let's increase the awareness about cancer, and encourage its prevention, defection and treatment"!!!


Published on: 2018-02-08, 06:34 PM

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