Happy dentist's day!

Happy dentist's day!

February 9 is the day of the dentist. On the eve of the feast on February 8, at the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Tapbergenov S.O. and about. Аssistant professor Olzhayeva R.R. and students of the 207 group of the English Department of the Dental Faculty discussed the history of this holiday, congratulated each other on their professional holiday, the day of the dentist.

Despite the fact that dentistry is one of the oldest branches of medicine (excavations in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan revealed the remains of people who lived 7 - 5,5 thousand years BC, in their teeth were drilled almost ideal holes of 1-3 mm in diameter and depth up to 3.5 mm). Day of the dentist is a relatively young professional holiday. The date of the International Day of the Dentist was chosen not by chance. The feast of dentists is celebrated on the day of veneration by the Catholic Church of the Christian martyress Apollonia of Alexandria, which terrible tortures tried to force them to renounce Christianity. Attributes of St. Apollonia, according to the nature of the torment, were teeth or forceps. The holy woman withstood everything, and when she was threatened with execution at the stake (February 9, 249), she herself stepped into the flames. Since then, there is a belief that it is worth saying: "Santa Apollonia!", And the toothache will recede. On behalf of the department and students of group 207, we heartily congratulate all students, teachers, all collectives of stomatological chairs with a professional holiday, we wish strong health, well-being in the family, creative inspiration, professional growth !!!

Published on: 2018-02-08, 06:30 PM

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