Winter pleasures

Winter pleasures

All the students were looking for to the winter holidays. Of course, students need psychological relief after the examination session. We want every student spend vacations in a combination of pleasant and useful. Vacations are a wonderful opportunity to relax, have a good night's sleep, spend time with friends, and some meet relatives, watch your favorite films, go to the cinema, go roller-skating and skating. But, most importantly, a vacation is an opportunity to regain strength after a tense study and prepare the body for the next academic semester. The best rest are walks and games in the open air.

Therefore, our 147 and 158 groups decided to spend one day in the forest. It was the most wonderful winter day! We saw a very beautiful snow-covered winter forest. Ride on the "cheesecake" from a high hill. For the first time we got on skates. It was very funny and fun. Najmus and Abhinav learned to skate well. We were a little cold, but warmed by hot tea. Next Sunday we plan to spend again in the forest.

teacher of Kazakh and Latin chair,

tutor of 147, 158 groups

Shakirova B.T.

Published on: 2018-02-06, 07:07 PM

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