New Year's greetings for orphans children

New Year's greetings for orphans children

On the eve of the New Year on December 28, students from 207 groups of the Dental Faculty, student club "Kyz Zhibek", 244 group of the foreign department headed by G.N. Tabuldinova visited children's home № 8. This work was carried out according to the annual work plan of the club. The students prepared interesting games and competitions, presented gifts. Bolatova Amina and Bekmuratyzy Yerke were the hosts of the event, in which all the children present attended. Such games as "Snow Snipers", "New Year's costume", "Who is faster?" aroused the greatest interest among children. As gifts, students awarded all winners mandarins, vitamins, chocolates and stationery. Foreign students congratulated children in Russian and Kazakh languages  and ​​also took part in the competitions. At the end of the festive event, Tabuldinova G.N. performed a congratulatory speech, and Erke sang the song "Zhaңa Zhyl". The children in turn thanked us and asked  to come again.

We express our gratitude to the chairman of the trade union committee of the  Semei State Medical University N.S. Smailov, for the assistance rendered.

From the bottom of the heart we congratulate  the all teachers and students on the upcoming New Year 2018! We wish you good health, peace, luck and prosperity!


The head of the club "Kyz Zhibek"

tutor of  244 gr. Tabuldinova G.N.,

students of  207 group

Published on: 2017-12-30, 11:25 AM

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