Integration as a tool of the development

Integration as a tool of the development

Integration between the subjects is one of the possible ways of improving the educational process, which directed on deepening of the interrelationship and interperfection between the objects.

The most common is the integration of the Russian language with medicine.


On November 30th, 2017 in the Department of General, medical practice together with the Department of Russian and foreign languages had been held   the lesson CBL+ vertical integration, on the theme "Syndrome of defeat of the urinary system in the practice of GPS". The  lesson was led  by  S. M. Adilgozhina is the candidate in medical sciences professor  RAE,  Zh. M. Kudaybergenova is the senior lecturer of the Department of  Russian and foreign languages and            Zh. M. Zhunussova is the senior lecture of the English language.


A clinical case was discussed after the announcement of the theme and the objectives of the lesson. The students were divided into small groups, the problems of differential diagnosis, treatment based on the PDL with the using of demonstrative medicine, clinical examination and temporary disability of patients with filling out the patient card and form records were considered. After analyzing  the report  about  a clinical case in the Kazakh language, the students were working  on the texts of "Chronic glomerulonephritis" and "Chronic pyelonephritis" in Russian. In the process, students summed up the knowledge  which was gained at Nephrology and  improved the Russian and English languages on the subject, learn new terms, translated them into Russian and English.


As a result of  integrated studying students learned to :

• apply the knowledge gained in the lesson;

• work with additional literature themselves;

• pick their own material for the reports;

• analyze and select important things themselves;


The students were enjoyed with the methodology.  The theme of the lesson was discussed with a great interest that provide the achievement of the required level of professional communication in Russian.

The most important thing – the teacher should help the student to realize himself as a personality, to awaken interest in self-knowledge, life, peace, etc.


Candidate in medical sciences professor  RAE,  S. M. Adilgozhina

Student group 524 GM,   A.M. Maksutova

Published on: 2017-12-06, 01:08 PM

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