Students ' club at the Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases

Students ' club at the Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases

A meeting was held of the students ' club at the Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases, the head of which is teacher Kusainova A. A. On the group meeting was attended by teacher of the Department Zhetmekov J. T. At the meeting of the students of the second and third course of foreign and Kazakh departments were identified in small group by the nature of the research interests in the study area, and for reasons of most efficient cooperation among themselves to achieve high results in their studies. Was heard and discussed the interim results of the research surveys, for the further construction of the frame of research work. The head of the club was marked negative and positive aspects were emphases. Selected pre-format works, the working title scientific research for more specific representations of the subject and nature of the study. Was elected principal motion vectors for each of the working groups are composed of mainly two or three people, assigned tasks and deadlines for the interim approval of the created material. Was elected and approved the language that will be issued for each of the groups. In the bulk, dominates the English language that dramatically extends the boundaries of scientific horizons for students. The same students participated in the discussion of the work among themselves, made constructive comments and amendments to the effective and successful research activities of each in this circle.

Of working moments, was finally approved by the mayor of club: Nogoibaeva D. K. was approved by an open vote of the members of the circle. Secretary of the circle, which is engaged in design and journalistic activities, along with the mayor and the head of the society: J. M. Asylhanova was made reporting photos of the collection Cup.

Student group Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases conducts their meetings in a friendly working environment, with a vector aimed at academic and scientific success and interest of each participant.

All those wishing to participate in the next group meeting contact the Department of Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases

Published on: 2017-12-06, 11:53 AM

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