The unique exhibition "The Epoch, the Book and Lebedev"

The unique exhibition "The Epoch, the Book and Lebedev"

November 29, 2017, students of the 240 group GM of the English department headed by their tutor Kayyrkhanova Ynkar Okimkhanovna visited the Nevzorov Museum of Fine Arts. The unique exhibition "The Epoch, the Book and Lebedev" was opened in the museum. The work of the brilliant graphic artist, an outstanding graphist and illustrator Vladimir Vasilievich Lebedev is presented at the museum. From the museum's fund, 108 works of the Soviet painter are presented to a wide audience.

Among the exhibits there are well-known graphic posters "Windows of the GROWTH", graphic portraits of the artist's contemporaries, still lifes, pictures in the style of "new", as well as numerous illustrations of Lebedev to the books of his co-author - the famous Russian poet, the author of many works for children, Samuel Marshak.

Director of the museum Tatiana Stromskaya told about how a whole collection of paintings came to the museum fund. She told that in the 20th century she managed to get acquainted with Ada Sergeevna Lazo. She is the daughter of Sergei Lazo about whom many legends were composed. He was a peculiar person, he was a nobleman, the son of very wealthy parents, went to the revolution and ended his days in the Far East, where he, according to legend, either died a terrible death in a steam locomotive, or was shot. When Tatiana Stromskaya met with Ada Sergeevna, she arranged an exhibition of the work of Vladimir Vasilyevich Lebedev. She was the last wife of Vladimir Lebedev, was the keeper of his heritage. And from this acquaintance to the museum it turned out to get this unique collection from Ada Lazo.

Tutor of the exhibition Gulnar Burkitova, deputy director for exhibition and research work, in turn, spoke about the identity of the outstanding graphist.

She says that he was a man in love with life. He loved boxing, horse racing, circus. The most important criterion in art for him was honesty and accurate hit on the target. He always compared art to the circus - "if not hand in hand, if not exact hit, then head on the parterre".

A unique exhibition was liked by all visitors with its diversification and some unusualness.


Baimurunova Dilyara , 240group  “General Medicine”


Published on: 2017-12-06, 10:42 AM

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