Report on freshers party 2017-18 “A home away from home”.

Report on freshers party 2017-18 “A home away from home”.

To welcome the students of first course for the session 2017-18 and Mark their arrival to the university the welcome party was organized on the 21st of November 2017 on the grand hall of Abay Theatre. It was a combined party for both the faculties of the foreign department and the local department. The Rector of the university , Dean of undergraduate and many known teachers of the university attended the party. The fresh students were welcomed with different performances of dance, sing song and dramas and with lots of love and gaiety. The rector addressed the gathering with his inspiring words. Many teachers were awarded for their effort and their hard work they have done to make this university better for the students.  Many students bought laurels to their selves. The fruits of their hardwork were acknowledged and appreciated. Senior students showcased their talents in many forms and welcomed their juniors with love and affectionate.  

It was a day awaited for, the party was smashed and mesmerizing. Those brilliant performances and the inspiring speeches left a deep mark on the students which boosted them to succeed in what they have come here to do for.


Rajkumar Aingba Singh,

253 GM

Published on: 2017-11-27, 06:35 PM

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