Training of doctors of East Kazakhstan region in England

Training of doctors of East Kazakhstan region in England

Doctors from East Kazakhstan Regional Oncology Center sent by Mayor of East Kazakhstan Region Daniyal Akhmetov. Previous year 6 doctors from Center for Mother and Child in Oskemen and six from Semey Perinatal Center had already trained in major London clinics. This year obstetcians, paediatricians, neonatologists, cardiac surgeons and oncologists sent for observership programm.

All candidates had learned English during 3 months and tested by IELTS system. Now they had already started their observership program in different hospitals of British capital. Among those specialists, our graduate student provides his training. Graduate of Semey State Medical University Noorlybek Keremkhanuly finished residency on Radiation therapy in 2016. Succesfully entered to East Kazakhstan Oncology Center in Radiation Oncology Department. He works as radiation therapist. In 2017, he was chosen for programm above mentioned. Noorlybek with his colleaques will have training until third of December. After returning to Kazakhstan, he with his colleaques will raise medicine of our region.

Noorlybek Keremkhanuly

Published on: 2017-10-11, 03:31 PM

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