Terrorism is a human tragedy.

Terrorism is a human tragedy.

 Terrorism – the ideology of violence and the practice of action on the public consciousness, on the taking decisions of government authorities, local authorities or international organizations related with force action, with the intimidation of people, the individual person, the society and the state in general and another forms of unlawful violence.

Today the fight against terrorism became one of the priority direction of domestic and foreign policy of all countries. Today the informing the people about this difficult and historically significant tragedy are the main purpose of public figures.

Due to the fact that happening our county criminal actions  from the some of the faces  widely distributed  to the different social networks, media and because of that we Semey State Medical University’s students  3-4 th years and teachers of  Department of children`s diseases  hold antiterroristic events. One of this event was hold by the teacher of  Department Meirmanova Zarina Kadylbekkyzy  with students of 323 group where they shared with their opinion  how to differ the danger and how to behave themselves .

As our President say: “We are the country which is strengthening of the position, respects the values, keeping the live with peace and prosperity and we don`t let anyone to intervene our unity and solidarity”.

Responsible for the educational part: Meirmanova Z.K.

Head of Department: Zhagiparova Zh.K.

Published on: 2017-09-29, 01:09 PM

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