Meeting with the students of the 1 course the specialty of "General Medicine"

Meeting with the students of the 1 course the specialty of "General Medicine"

On 25th of September of 2017 year, in the lecture hall №1 and №2 there was a meeting with students of first course on the specialty of "General Medicine". The meeting was attended by: Vice-rector of educational and upbringing work Zhunusova A.B., Dean of undergraduate education  Orazalina A.S., Deputy Dean Rymbaeva T.A., Methodist Buzheeva A.S., and students of self-governing

In the agenda: Discipline policy, GPA for the 2017-2018 academic year, a speech by an employee of the Tax Committee, also different topics were discussed.

At the beginning of the meeting the employee of the Tax Committee Kiyabekov Bauyrzhan, acquainted students with the new mobile program "Wipon", proposed by the Ministry of Finance.

Vice-rector on academic and educational work Zhunusova A.B., congratulated students with the beginning of the new academic year and expressed her wishes.

Also at the meeting, the teacher of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and the General Education Kupanova S.A informed students about the behavior of a person, in the case of a terrorist act by the document "Typical instruction for managers and personnel of an object vulnerable to terrorism in the event of a threat of terrorist act or other illegal actions ".

Dean of undergraduate education, Associate Professor Orazalina A.S fully explained to students the discipline policy and the GPA table for the 2017-2018 academic year.

 Vice- dean Rymbaeva T.A acquainted the students with a list of curators, course leaders, with the composition of student government, and with leading student organizations and clubs. Also, they presented their work and achievements, inviting students to be members of their club.


Vice-Dean undergraduate education  Rymbaeva T.A

students Press club Toleubekova Milana



Published on: 2017-09-28, 01:35 PM

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