Meeting of the Academic Council of Semey State Medical University

Meeting of the Academic Council of Semey State Medical University

On July 19 2017, the ordinary meeting of the Academic Council of Semey State Medical University was held in the large conference hall chaired by Acting Rector, d.m.s. Yersin T. Zhunussov. Members of Academic Council and Wise Men Council attended the meeting. 

It was the first time when the meeting of Academic Council was transmitted online on the official page of the university https://m.facebook.com/.

The Acting Rector declared that all important decisions including on strategic development must be made transparently and after the general discussion by the members of Academic Council.  

Based on the results of the State attestation of interns, residents and master’s students, reports of the SAC (State Attestation Committee) have been heard and discussed. After the discussing, the SAC gave some recommendations that will allow us to improve students’ knowledge.

The Head of Strategic development division Sh. O. Uisenbayeva made the report “Development strategy of Semey State Medical University for 2017-2021”. Basic strategic development purposes:

1. To improve economical and financial stability of the University;

2. To create the brand of the unique university;

3.  To improve competences of Universitys staff

4.  To modernize universitys activity within the Government programDensaulykfor 2016-2019;

Cost of tuition and living on a contract basis for 2017-2018 academic year was considered and approved in the meeting of Academic Council.  

Vice-rector for academic and educational work A.B. Zhunussova submitted for approval “Discipline Policy”, “Transfer grade” and the plan for enrollee admission for 2017-2018 academic year.  

New syllabus form for 2017-2018 academic year has been approved due to the switch to SOES-2017.

Academic Council and Wise Men Council endorsed proposed decisions on topical issues according to the agenda.

Published on: 2017-07-20, 11:40 AM

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