The summer examination for the 3rd course students.

The summer examination for the 3rd  course students.

Summer examination for 3rd course students of “General Medicine” faculty began at 05.06.2017. The course of the examination is supervised by the staff of the Dean's office. Representatives of the Parents committee and the Student government have the opportunity to attend the exams at any time. This opportunity was created to show the transparency of the examinations, as well as the usage of innovative methods at the oral examinations. The proof of which was the visiting of "General Hygiene" discipline examination by of 3rd course parent, teacher of Shakarim Universiteti Semey, Ph.D. Kurmambayeva Karlygash Soltanbekkyzy. Having listened the students' answers, the parent was acquainted with the peculiarities of exam. After the exam she expressed her opinion and thanked for the opportunity.

Kassymkhanova Aigerim. 337 GM

Published on: 2017-06-20, 12:47 PM

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