The hospital management trainings for foreign department!

The hospital management trainings for foreign department!

At 17.04.17-05.05.17 chair of propaedeutic of internal diseases organized the course of   “Basis of hospital management’ with the visiting coach Petra Voskuhl (Senior experts’ service company, Bonn, Germany)   in the Semey state medical university for students of foreign department.   Students from 1-3 course attended with me this trainings, which was good experience for the 1st course students to learn and develop their skills and the great opportunity for senior courses to share the knowledge and teach the junior courses. 

During the course I’ve gained the knowledge of clinical risk management, coast management, the approach of healthcare management and health care system in Germany. The expert –Petra Voskuhl - shared many real cases where the hospital management had been played the leading role in doctors practice, hospitals image and even in patients recovery.   The most interesting part of training was the clinical management orientated cases - when the students in groups could discuss about solutions in   particular issues of hospital management. But Mrs. Petra had been guiding us even in this part of course, so we could feel the support of our trainer.  As the reward on last day of course all of the students had honored with the certificates of course completion.

In our turn, we as the students and part of our university, tried to accompany our trainer on such university events as The Olympiad on Anatomy, The city competition of artistic activity of the students, The Students spring and even showed the cricket match among the foreign students.

It was good time, what I have been passing during this 3 weeks and my special thanks to the undergraduate education dean’s office of foreign department - Orazalina Ainash Saparovna and Kovaleva Larisa Valentinovna for support and opportunity to visit such a great trainings.

 Student of 346 group of foreign department Apoorv Chouhan 

Published on: 2017-05-19, 06:12 PM

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