Сommunity work day organized by the organization "Abaitanu"

Сommunity work day organized by the organization "Abaitanu"

The club "Abaytanu", which works with active students of the State Medical University of Semey, drawing attention to the territory of our university, conducted a cleaning day on April 29. The manager of the organization Zhananur Kambarovna says that such works will help us improve the appearance of our university. The members of the organization showed the highest degree of organization and perfectly cleared the area allocated to them. Despite the fact that the weather was overcast, the club members were in a good mood, and this did not stop them from completing the cleaning. Club "Abaytanu" is not limited to the study of literature, also they contributes to the development of the university by all means. We hope that such work will continue.

Abdildinova Ayaulym

Club «Medic-Press»


Published on: 2017-05-16, 10:13 AM

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