VI National Congress of the Kazakhstan organization of medical youth

VI National Congress of the Kazakhstan organization of medical youth

On April 28-29, 2017, the long-awaited VI National Congress of the Kazakhstan organization of medical youth KazMSA (KOMM) was held at the West Kazakhstan State Medical University named after M.Ospanov. More than 100 members of the organization from all medical universities of our country took part in the congress. Representatives on behalf of our university were 10 students from different courses and specialties. The congress began with the opening ceremony, followed by the election of candidates for national positions, where the student of the 140th group Rinatova Kamilla was elected as LOREInKZ (Local officer on research exchange in KZ), and the participants offered their ideas for improving the organization's activities.

Students of our University prepared and defended their projects at the Activity Fair (Fair of Ideas) such as: "Help the homeless", "Radix", "Levelup", which were successfully presented. With pride we can say that the project "Help the homeless", prepared by students of the 140 group of the specialty "General Medicine" Duzikenova Zhadyra, Rinatova Kamilla and the student of the 111th group Bakytbekova Shara took the honorary second place among 50 active projects from all medical universities of the country. In addition, the National Congress held various informative trainings and sessions in all standing committees.

This congress was a huge motivation for the development of exchange processes in our university. SCORE (Standing Committee on Research Exchange) is a permanent committee for research exchange to provide students with the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge in the research field in educational institutions. At the session of the SCORE students discussed the final contracts. The goal of the final contracts between our Kazakhstani medical universities is the research exchange between students, and the tasks: the exchange of experience, knowledge and skills. In the summer of 2017, students of medical schools that have been selected, go on a trip on research exchange. Rinatova Kamilla, a student of the 140 group specialty "General Medicine" in the summer of 2017 will go to Italy for a research exchange for a month. Currently, contracts have been concluded with the following countries: Brazil (1 contract), Spain (2 contracts), Russia (3 contracts), Taiwan (1 contract), Turkey (3 contracts).

Four directions of SCORE exchange were considered, such as basic since, clinic, without clinic, GAP. Students were able to learn about the types of exchange and about the opportunities for selecting a project in the IFMSA database for which they can further participate in research exchanges.

SCOPE (Standing Committee on Professional Exchange) - is a permanent committee for professional exchange. Thanks to the support of this committee, students of any course have the opportunity to complete a 4-week practice on the basis of foreign clinics. As in SCORE, the professional exchange committee signed a contract with several countries: Italy (1 contract), Brazil (1 contract), Mexico (2 contracts), Romania (2 contracts), Russia (4 contracts), Egypt ( 2 contracts).

All participants received a large charge of energy, motivation and with new forces begin to develop an organization in our university. KazMSA organizes not only public activities, but also gives participants the opportunity to exchange scientific and professional knowledge, create various projects, travel to countries that are part of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students' Associations), an opportunity to gain knowledge of the International format, as well as to find many friends!

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Published on: 2017-05-16, 09:48 AM

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