"Session without the stress of" carrying out of trainings within the school of "Demeu"

"Session without the stress of" carrying out of trainings within the school of "Demeu"

From 13 to 23 December 2016 at the SSMU residents 1 and 2 years of training (specialty psychiatry) under the guidance of the course assistants of psychiatry, in conjunction with the Dean of General medicine, Semey state medical University carried out preventive activities-trainings for the students of the first and second year in the school of "Demeu" for successful adaptation to stressful situations (organizers: associate Professor Ospanova N. N., Almagambetova A. A., Dokenоvа S. V.)

The course assistants of psychiatry told the audience about the problems of socio-psychological adaptation in medical school, about the stress that is often experienced by the students. Residents, too, when they passed through it, and now, as older, more experienced fellow students, can help students learn to cope with student problems. Trainings were conducted "Seven candles", "Rain", "Shade", "What you want", "Rock", allows you to vent emotions, learn more about themselves and their bandmates, to get a charge of positive energy, be more relaxed and cohesive.

In feedback students said that he had received the trainings useful information, received a positive charge and a good mood. Transferred to resident experience, will contribute to a more successful adaptation to stressful situations, helps to cope better with problems and more confident to face the future. This will help current students to become competent, competitive specialists and to maintain their psychological and somatic health.


Responsible for the course of psychiatry                                                                             

associate Professor, candidate of medical science Ospanova N. N


Responsible for educational work                     

assistant Dokenovа S. V.



Published on: 2016-12-29, 04:49 PM

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