The patriotic songs evening

The patriotic songs evening

On 14th December, in our university held an event “The patriotic songs evening”which dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  This event was organized by department of  Kazakh and Latin languages. The main organizer was Zhylkybaeva Aizhan andчstudents of 333 group, specialty of “General medicine”.  The event was held in the 3rd hostel in the 2nd lecture hall. Presenters of this event were Duysembek Tursynhan and Saharbekova Saule. In this event participated studentsof 1st course of specialty “General medicine” and “Stomatology”. In this competition participated not only Kazakh and Russian departments, also, groups of  Foreign department.

The results of the competition:

1st place- 137 group, specialty of “General Medicine”

2nd place- 102 group, specialty of “Stomatology”

3rd place- 103 and 101 groups of specialties“General medicine” and “Stomatology”

In this competition attended members of SSM and teachers of social-humanitarian sciences.

Nuraldinov Ansar, 103_GM

Press Club of  SSMU “Medic-Press”

Translated by:

Karimova Gauhar, 135_GM

Press Club of  SSMU “Medic-Press”

Published on: 2016-12-29, 02:19 PM

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