The Contest – “ Poem is the king of word”

The Contest – “ Poem is the king of word”

Probably, there is no person who doesn’t know great Abai. Not only Kazakhstan’s people, also other nationalities identify him. Mentioning Abai, we apprehend the essence of Kazakh people.

The students of 222 and 226 groups are the active members of the club “Study of Abai”. This club was carried out by those students, in honour of the 25th anniversary to the Independence of Kazakhstan. The competition was held on the town level. The participants were from other universities, colleges and schools. “Our power is in unity”, as the saying goes, owing to the organizers the competition hold on the high level. Guest and participants thanked to the university, also to the club’s members and the 222-d group students of General Medicine.

We are the students of Semey State Medical University, which represent qualified medical education for all people in Kazakhstan. Soon we will become high qualified doctors, which can render qualified medical service.



  The chair of physiological discipline,

Curator Rakhyzhanova S.O.,

222, 226 course students of General Medicine

Published on: 2016-12-29, 02:02 PM

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