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Knowledge of three languages should become a standard practice for us

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has called Kazakhstan citizens to learn three languages - Kazakh, Russian and English. "Knowledge of three languages should become a standard practice for us. We are teaching (these languages to) our children starting from their first year at school," he said. Nazarbayev emphasized that all the Kazakhstan citizens...

2018-04-20, 11:17 AM

Admission. For foreign students

Stateless persons, who are permanently resident in Kazakhstan Republic and persons of Kazakh nationality who are not citizens of Kazakhstan Republic qualifies for receiving in competition base according to state educational order of free higher education if the education of given level they gets for the first time.

2018-03-31, 11:16 AM

"Enlighten yourself and help others, do no harm to yourself!"

Members of the Scientific Club of the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named d.m.s.. Tapbergenov S.O., student holidays in the framework of the student scientific project of the department under the motto: "Enlighten yourself and help others, do no harm to yourself!", conducted an educational and informational and preventive...

2018-02-05, 03:40 PM

Semey Medical University is 65 years old!

In 2018, Semey medical university celebrates its 65th anniversary. This is one of the largest medical university in Kazakhstan with its own hospital and branches in Pavlodar and Ust Kamenogorsk.

2018-01-29, 01:59 PM

“Bright ideas” contest

Semey state medical university has been collecting offers within “Bright ideas” contest.To take part in this initiative, staff, students and those who have university’s activity improvement proposals can use feedback box or send their ideas on prtm@ssmu.kz. Feedback box is situated in the entry hall on the first storey of the main building. No ...

2018-01-24, 04:15 PM

Еxam on discipline “Emergency medical aid”

Students of General medicine faculty of 523, 525, 527, 535, 536, 544, 545 groups passed oral exam on discipline “Emergency medical aid”. The next stage will be passing MCQs, which will take place on 27.12.2017 y. In general exam consist of 3 parts: practical skills in SCC, oral exam and MCQs.

2017-12-26, 09:33 AM