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“Clean session”

At this meeting, the topic of academic honesty, the principles of “clean session” and responsibility for violation of rules during the session were discussed. The opinions of the teachers of the department, as well as students of 401, 431 groups were listened. Important points were the values of academic honesty, conscientiousness – the perfo...

2018-10-12, 06:07 PM

Independent examination at the Department of Anatomy and Histology

The practical part of the exam by OSPE methodics for the specialties "General Medicine" and "Stomatology" is conducting on 04-08 of June, 2018 at the Chair of Anatomy and Histology. Senior lecturers of the Chair of Morphology of KSMU Karibzhanova Rosa and Sholotova Gulmira were invited as independent examiners on June 7th to provide...

2018-06-11, 03:16 PM


On May 10, 2018 a regular meeting with students of the 5th course about the forthcoming State exam was held. Dean of the DUE AS Orazalina and responsible secretary S.B. Maukaeva clarified the main issues of conducting the State Examination - the date of carrying out, the form of clothes, the instruction for holding the first and second stages...

2018-05-12, 10:26 AM

The action "Semey State Medical University - without corruption"

At the Department of Children's Infectious Diseases and Phthisiology of Semey State Medical University, at clinical bases: Children's infectious diseases hospital, TB dispensary Semey, Regional TB dispensary (Ust-Kamenogorsk) November 30, 2017 at 10.00. The action "The State Medical University of Semey - without corruption" was held. This...

2017-12-05, 12:53 AM


Corruption, as a social phenomenon, continues to exist practically in all countries of the world, regardless of political development, including in Kazakhstan, differs only in scale. Corruption hinders the process of social and economic development, building a market economy, attracting investment. Negatively affects the political and public...

2017-12-01, 10:09 AM