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On March 6, KazMSA and Student Government members with the support of the youth affairs committee organized once again a platform for speakers MEDtalks at SMU, where everyone with inspiring ideas can spread them to the public.

2019-03-18, 07:02 AM

KazMSA of Semey Medical University won the regional competition “JasActivists”

On February 7, the youth organization KazMSA of Semey Medical University won the regional competition “JasActivists”, which was organized by «QAZAQSTAN» JSC RTBC in honor of «Year of Youth».

2019-02-20, 07:09 PM


In the system of teaching of students in medical universities tutition involves the development of professional skills of students, training of specialists with a wide range of knowledge and skills necessary to work in various fields of medical practice. The basis for the study and understanding of pathological processes in the human body, for...

2018-12-08, 12:39 PM

"Prohibition of abortion in Kazakhstan"

Debates give an opportunity beautifully express the opinion of both sides of people. It allows students to develop the ability to speak in front of the public, teaches ethics. It helps to convey their point of view by a literary language.

2018-11-14, 02:55 PM

A round of "The First Medical Aid»

The sixth and the most decisive stage of the first Republican Olympiad "MedUse" was the round "The First Aid", organized By the local Committee of KazMSA SMU under the leadership of the standing Committee of Medical Education SCOME. This round was held in the walls Of the training and clinical center of "Semey Medical University".

2018-11-14, 02:38 PM


Kazakhstan medical students association and the Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE) are pleased to announce that the Local Committee, represented by the Medical University of Semey, has officially become active in the field of research exchange on the worldwide platform of International Federation of Medical Students Associations...

2018-10-10, 08:15 PM