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We study a Kazakh language together!

Students of 1 course together with department of Kazakh and Latin languages under the leadership of the Head of department Zhorokpayeva Meyramgul Dosanovna give additional classes for students on Kazakh. The purpose is: to reveal problems on lack of knowledge in Kazakh, to help students of development of base of this discipline and to put the...

2016-12-08, 04:32 PM

Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan

22 september 142 group of our university celebrated a Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan. Students showed a great languages.Students told proverbs,poems and songs in other languages,such as: Kazakh,Russian,English, Turkish.

2016-09-25, 01:41 AM

Trilingualism as the demand of the new generation

The President of the country proposed to begin a phased implementation of the cultural project “Trinity of the languages”. “Kazakhstan must be perceived in the world as the highly educated country whose population speaks three languages”, - not once stated the President, “These are Kazakh as the official language, Russian as the language of inte...

2016-09-06, 09:24 AM

Groups studying medicine in the English language at SSMU.

On the 1st of September in Semey State Medical University hosted the annual contest-selection among the students of specialty “General Medicine” for “English” groups . The competition consisted of two stages: first is on-line test and an interview in the second round.

2016-09-06, 09:10 AM

State language – a basic factor of unity of the people

28.04.2016 at the Kazakhstanian Innovative University was organized the round table on the topic “State language – a basic factor of unity of the people”. Some students of Semey State Medical University participated. The head of Kazakh and Latin Zhorokpayeva M.D. led the students.

2016-04-29, 02:43 PM

Curatorial hour

Educational work by the staff of the Department is conducted regularly and according to plan. Curator's hour was held Round table", among interns curatorial group of the 7th and 6th courses. At the conference discussed the main objectives of the program, found out the awareness of future physicians about the content of the program and the...

2014-05-30, 12:51 PM