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Values of human life

18.10.18 g. 1st year students (group 109) medical state University of Semey held a discussion with the plot and role-playing games and problematic issues on the theme "Values of human life."

2018-10-18, 07:33 PM

"The conversion to the Latin alphabet - the requirement of time."

On 3 of October in 2018 the curator of the 110-group of the faculty of OM Alina.G.M. and the teachers of the department of philological disciplines held a curatorial hour on the topic: "The conversion to the Latin alphabet - the requirement of time."

2018-10-15, 10:10 PM

Preparation courses on IELTS

There was held a seminar on methods of teaching foreign languages and preparation courses on IELTS for English teachers from 10.09.2018-27.09.2018. The classes were conducted by senior expert of “Senior Experten Service GmbX” Wolf-Dieter Stotz. The university staff also attended IELTS preparation courses. The certificates of attendance were giv...

2018-10-08, 08:51 PM

Day of languages

By the decree of the President of the Republic from January 20, 1998, with the aim of fostering love and respect for the native language, the country and the extension of knowledge about the languages, traditions of different nationalities in the country was established holiday - the Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan, which is celebrated...

2018-10-03, 11:40 AM

"Language is treasure of our nation"

We all know that on the last week in our university was week of languages. On the 20th of September, 2018 in Semey Medical university was organized intellectual competition "Language is treasure of our nation". This competition was organized by students from 116-group and Bakytgul Azkerbekovna. There were 6 parts in competition.The competition...

2018-09-22, 02:04 PM

University Olympiad on "Professional Kazakh language" among foreign students

26.05.2018 it was held university olympiad on professional Kazakh language among 3-5 courses of the foreign department within the framework of the «Болашаққа бағдар: рухани жаңғыру» program at the Kazakh and Latin chair, in order to determine the level of foreign students.

2018-05-30, 06:27 PM