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Happy New Year!!

As usual, by the end of each year it is common to sum up. Although I started work only in September, there are some work results. The beginning of the academic year was very intense: acquaintance with the work, new students, new acquaintances, new problems and ways to solve them.

2017-12-27, 06:00 PM

Conversation and training with the students of the program "Serpin"

On November 24, a conversation and a small training with students from the "Serpin" program were held in the dormitory # 3. Also participated curator Mushdybaeva Tolkyn Abdygalyovna and the leader, 2-year student Bahramov Moldir Husankyzy. Attended 30 students. We met with everyone, talked about the problems of students, talked about...

2017-12-20, 12:44 PM

Simple tips for improving memory

Do you notice that sometimes you remember where you left keys or can not remember important facts? Fortunately, there are ways how to improve your memory. Before you go to another important exam, check on yourself these proven techniques and techniques for improving memory. These techniques are well described in books on cognitive psychology....

2017-12-05, 05:23 PM

Psychologist of Semey State Medical University met with students of 121 group

Psychologist of Semey State Medical University Asylbekova Aygerim met with students of 121 group. During the meeting, the students asked interesting questions, were organized different games, the students exchanged with opinions and shared their thoughts. The meeting strengthened the trust and respect among students

2017-11-27, 12:06 PM

Meeting of students of 108 group «General Medicine» with a psychologist

November 16, 2017 curator of the group 108 Alina G.M. organized a meeting of students of 108 group «General Medicine» with a psychologist at the University. During the meeting, psychological trainings were held, which allowed the students of the group to get to know each other better and cope with difficult situation that may arise in the f...

2017-11-24, 09:59 AM

Seminar-training "Compliment"

23.10.2017 took place the psychological training for curator groups of department of dentistry. In quality the guest was invited to a training the psychologist-sociologist of the Semey State Medical University Asylbekova Aygerim Mukhametbekkyza. The training was provided in the form of games, such as: "Acquaintance", "Crocodile", "Soccer",...

2017-11-08, 01:19 PM