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Meeting with a psychologist

On October 6, 2017, the first meeting of students of the 111th group of the Faculty of GM with the psychologist of the SSMU Asylbekova А. M. was held. The main goal of the meeting is to create a trusting relationship in the group, to strengthen the collective spirit, as well as a spirit for positive work. Various kinds of trainings were ...

2017-10-14, 09:15 PM

Psychological training for freshmen

5.10.2017 at the request of the adviser of group 138 OM Beleukhanova Corlan Magauyanovna was conducted psychological training. 14 students of the group participated in the training. The training was aimed at adapting freshmen to their group, and then to the the university. When conducting psychological trainings, students are closely acquainted...

2017-10-14, 09:01 PM

Guidelines for a freshman on the adaptation in the higher education institution

Entering the first year of the university, a student enters an absolutely new environment where it is necessary to adapt in the first days of his/her study. Generally, studentship is the brightest moments in a person's life. During these years a young person finds a place in society, gets a specialty, which will become the foundation of his/her...

2017-09-11, 06:15 PM

Бірнеше шағын сұхбат өткізу бойынша семинар

«Медициналық және фармацевтік білім беру ұйымдарына талапкерлерді таңдау және қабылдауға жаңа әдістерді әдістеу және енгізу» 2016 -2019 жылдарға «Медициналық білім беруді модернизациялау» жобасын жүзеге асыру бойынша Жол картасы тарауын орындау мақсатында, 2017 ж. 10-11, 17-19 сәуірде Семей қ. ММУ «Бірнеше шағын сұхбат (MMI)» оқыту семи...

2017-04-20, 05:26 PM

"Session without the stress of" carrying out of trainings within the school of "Demeu"

From 13 to 23 December 2016 at the SSMU residents 1 and 2 years of training (specialty psychiatry) under the guidance of the course assistants of psychiatry, in conjunction with the Dean of General medicine, Semey state medical University carried out preventive activities-trainings for the students of the first and second year in the school of...

2016-12-29, 04:49 PM

Physiological training

21th September in our university was a physiological training. This training was under the direction of Olga Vladimerovna and ZhananurKambarovna. Training was attended by students of groups 135 and 118. In our opinion, the training took place in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Each task has attracted the attention of students with the variety...

2016-10-25, 11:45 AM