Excursion to the museum

On April 19, 2018, students of group 258, together with tutor G.N. Tabuldinova, visited the regional museum of local lore Semey. One of the oldest and largest museums in Kazakhstan was established in 1883. The exposition of the museum, reflecting the history of the Semey region from ancient times to the present, is housed in seven halls.

2018-04-20, 06:57 PM

Discussing and explaining of the "Five Social Initiatives of the President"

04.04.2018 teachers Zhorokpayeva M.D., Kussainova Zh.S., Zhylkybaeva A.Sh., Nurgazina M.S. with the students of the 111,101, 125, 117 group of the Faculty of GM and 103, 104 Stom held a discussion of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev to the people "Five Social Initiatives of the President".

2018-04-10, 07:54 PM

The Influence of the Past ...

March 22 was marked by the premiere of a new film of domestic production «Tar Zaman» by Murat Bidosov. The plot of the film takes the viewer into the recent past. Thus, students of the Semey Medical University within the framework of the program "Spiritual regeneration" visited the "Dastan" cinema on March 27, combining the pleasant with the u...

2018-04-03, 08:41 AM

Nauryz is a holiday of spring and abundance!

Nauryz is the day of revival of nature, awakening it from sleep. This is a very symbolic holiday and, accordingly, Nauryz is associated with many traditions and customs. It is believed that a generous feast of Nauryz will bring the house abundance and success for the whole year.

2018-03-20, 05:56 PM

"New development opportunities in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution."

On January 10 2018, a new message was sent by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan. Students of the group 240 of specialty "General Medicine" discussed and noted important points in the message. The title of the message is "new development opportunities in the conditions of the fourth industrial...

2018-02-16, 05:31 PM

Lecture on the conscientious and Kazakh artist of cinema and painter - Aysha G. Galimbaeva

21.12.17 and 22.12.17 students of 101, 105, 134, 141, 143 OM groups in the amount of 60 people visited the East Kazakhstan Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after the Nevzorov family in the Semey, under the supervision of curators Berikhanova A.E., Mukhamedzhanova Zh.A, Buzheyeva A.S., as well as a specialist of the Committee on Youth Affairs...

2017-12-28, 11:30 AM