Polylanguage – real action

At the end of September some groups 103 Stom, 104 Stom and 105 Stom with their tutors M.S. Nurgazina, Kusainova Zh.S. and Abeshova N.M., with the specialist in the state language B.A. Zhorgataeva and with the responsible for the educational work of the department B.T. Shakirova participated in the brain-ring organized by the head of the...

2017-10-22, 03:57 PM

103 groups contributing to the Week of Languages

28.10.17 date, 103 group of students of the specialty "General medicine" and the curator of the group held the event under the auspices of the teacher of the Kazakh and Latin languages ​​department A.Zh.Zhylkybaeva within the weekly "Language is a guarantee of friendship and harmony".Erzhan Amanzhol and Zhumagalieva Zhuldyz, students res...

2017-10-05, 08:55 AM

Terrorism is a human tragedy.

Terrorism – the ideology of violence and the practice of action on the public consciousness, on the taking decisions of government authorities, local authorities or international organizations related with force action, with the intimidation of people, the individual person, the society and the state in general and another forms of unlawful v...

2017-09-29, 01:09 PM

Opening of a week of languages in SSMU

“Language is the best intermediary for establishing friendship and harmony” - under this slogan the opening of the week of languages was held on 22 September 2017, dedicated to the Day of Languages of the peoples of Kazakhstan. The purpose of this festive event was the promotion of the state language and the education of tolerance and pat...

2017-09-27, 06:51 PM

"Recommendations for the conduct of citizens in the event of the threat of a terrorist act or other unlawful actions"

Employees of the Department of Children's Infectious Diseases at clinical bases on 15 and 19 September held a meeting on clarifying the "Recommendations for the conduct of citizens in the event of the threat of a terrorist act or other unlawful actions" in current groups: 405 GM, 408 GM, 413 GM, 420 GM, 604 GPs, 603 Pediatricians, 609 and 616...

2017-09-22, 06:06 PM

Our trip to «EXPO 2017»

On 6.09.2017, 32 students of Semey state medical university from among the orphans, low-income groups and large families went to the exhibition EXPO 2017, held in the capital Astana. Sponsorship had a "people's Halyk Bank". For half day students had a full tour of the exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, went on a tour of the Water - green Boulevard,...

2017-09-13, 10:13 AM