Going forward with the Leader of the nation

Kazakhstan has reached a new historical period. The well known goal is entering to the world’s thirty developed countries. The program “Rukhani Zhangyru” is a new approach in solution of important tasks. Look into the future is the modernization of the public consciousness. It involuntarily entertained with pride for our beautiful country. The ...

2018-10-16, 11:26 PM

Day of languages

By the decree of the President of the Republic from January 20, 1998, with the aim of fostering love and respect for the native language, the country and the extension of knowledge about the languages, traditions of different nationalities in the country was established holiday - the Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan, which is celebrated...

2018-10-03, 11:40 AM

October 1 is the day of good and respect

Today, looking at the ongoing political, macroeconomic processes, the spiritual component is more important than ever. It is she who gives strength, faith, inviolability and inviolability of all the foundations of world civilizations.

2018-10-02, 02:33 PM

“The Family is the basic of the Country”.

On 12th of September was held an event for Mother’s day in Kazakhstan. The event was held in the city’s House of Friendship with participant of Organization of Mothers. During the event a seminar was held on theme “Mother and Child”. The seminar was held in order to pay special attention to the role of mothers and children in modern society. Th...

2018-09-17, 10:16 AM

Day of symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

May 30, 2018 our tutorial groups took part in the event organized by the Abai Regional Library. Having gained independence in 1991, Kazakhstan, as a sovereign state, adopted its state symbols. The development of official symbols in the history of the formation of Kazakhstan's state independence holds a special place. All Kazakhstanian people...

2018-06-01, 07:49 PM

«Arbor Day»

«Arbor Day» is a kind of a holiday that is celebrated in a number of countries around the world and is connected with tree planting, restoration of lost forests or the desire to plant and cultivate urban and suburban areas: parks, squares, etc. The university took over the determination of the sites for planting, provided with planting m...

2018-06-01, 07:44 PM