Meeting with the students of the 1 course the specialty of "General Medicine"

On 28th of September of 2017 year, in the lecture hall №2 there was a meeting with students of second course on the specialty of "General Medicine". The meeting was attended by: Vice-rector of educational and upbringing work Zhunusova A.B., Dean of undergraduate education Orazalina A.S., Deputy Dean Rymbaeva T.A., Methodist Abilkasimova A.M.

2017-10-08, 10:37 AM

Terrorism is a human tragedy.

Terrorism – the ideology of violence and the practice of action on the public consciousness, on the taking decisions of government authorities, local authorities or international organizations related with force action, with the intimidation of people, the individual person, the society and the state in general and another forms of unlawful v...

2017-09-29, 01:09 PM

"Recommendations for the conduct of citizens in the event of the threat of a terrorist act or other unlawful actions"

Employees of the Department of Children's Infectious Diseases at clinical bases on 15 and 19 September held a meeting on clarifying the "Recommendations for the conduct of citizens in the event of the threat of a terrorist act or other unlawful actions" in current groups: 405 GM, 408 GM, 413 GM, 420 GM, 604 GPs, 603 Pediatricians, 609 and 616...

2017-09-22, 06:06 PM

Religious extremism and terrorism: government officials and youth"

Our team is moving forward in the prevention of extremism and terrorism. Some people say, "Why are you doing this? All of this is useless," and they add: "Fighting terrorism without expecting to advertise it," they say: "The phrase" religious extremism and terrorism "should be forgotten, and then this problem will disappear. " But, unless a...

2017-04-27, 03:09 PM

Religious extremism and terrorism challenges of modernity

A second round table named "Religious extremism and terrorism challenges of modernity" on April 14 was carried out in State Medical University of Semey within our project "Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge (P2P) Spring 2017- Semey State Medical University "On the way to peace."

2017-04-18, 03:57 PM

Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge (P2P) Spring 2017 - Semey State Medical University

One of the best ways to respond to the proliferation of hateful and extremist content online is to mobilize individuals to create local and community based social media campaigns that challenge hateful and extremist rhetoric, and refocus attention on positive alternatives. This includes efforts at awareness building, education, building...

2017-03-17, 09:41 AM