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A lecture “Scabies disease and fungal diseases” in hostel №1

On the19th of December in №1 hostel by the dean's office of the foreign department and the council of tutors was organized a lecture «Scabies disease and fungal disease», for the prevention of skin diseases. Lectures were given by the students of 553 group of general medicine Orazgalieva A and Ygieva D. A., under the direction of associate pr...

2016-02-25, 09:53 AM

‘’Mycosis and its prophylaxis’’

Students from GMF group 547, under the guidance of the assistant of the Department of Immunology and Dermatovenerology Mukambaeva M.M and physicians of Skin and Venereal Diseases Clinic, read the Lecture on topic of ‘’Mycosis and its prophylaxis’’ for 4th Grade students of Secondary School 22 on Decembe...

2015-01-21, 05:30 PM

East Kazakhstan Scientific-Practical Conference of Scientific Society of dermatovenerologists

Аt the end of 2014 in the conference hall of Semey clinic of Skin and Venereal diseases, scientific-practical conference of East Kazakhstan Scientific Society of dermatologists took place. The conference was organized by the Department of Immunology and Dermatovenerology with the staff of the clinic of Skin and Venereal diseases in Semey.

2015-01-21, 02:29 PM